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jungle skipper canteen front

Credit: Disney

Welcome to the Jungle: Explore the bold, flavorful cuisine of Asia, South America, and Africa with the help of our daring riverboat pilots.

The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen is seated in the heart of Adventureland, just a few minute’s walk from its namesake attraction, The Jungle Cruise. The 1930’s era punny riverboat ride matches the mysterious yet intrepid ambiance of the Magic Kingdom eatery, and while its fare can be more “adventurous” than Casey’s Corner, you’re sure to find new dishes to keep your tastebuds from getting cabin fever.

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This Disney World restaurant opened softly in 2015, during the February month with no reservations at first. Skipper uniform-clad hosts beckoned to guests with large paper menus featuring extremely flavored dishes and almost nothing for picky eaters. As the menu has changed a bit over the last few years, it’s still a great place to try a new dish, but any Disney World Guest can surely find something that will suit their palate.

Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen is open for both lunch and dinner, typically starting at 11 or 11:30 a.m., concluding in the evening. Check the Walt Disney World calendar and restaurant page for specific hours. There is no breakfast at this location.

jungle skipper canteen front
Credit: Disney

Service at the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Ever heard of “service with a smile?” Here in Adventureland, you’ll get service with a PUN and a smile! And we hope you’ll be smiling in return, because not only will your host or wait staff give you the giggles, the menu will, too! The large outdoor (yet covered) waiting area boasts large rattan chairs and stained glass panels. Lush greenery surrounds the area, and overhead, a belt and cog fan system wafts the air.

Behind the host-stand is the interior Falls Family foyer, with more decoration to bide your time and introduce you to the establishment’s proprietor, Dr. Albert Falls’s daughter and fellow explorer, Alberta Falls. Here, Alberta welcomes you to the Mess Hall for the Skippers (it’s not messy, I assure you), and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to sneak a peek at the secret library (behind the laden bookcase, but don’t tell her I told you so!) where S.E.A. Society members discuss their worldly finds.

Skipper Canteen Rendering concept art
Skipper Canteen Concept Art Credit: Disney

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If your host and your server both do not engage in punny behavior, don’t worry! Both the menu and decor hold plenty of gags, references, and jokes to keep you entertained throughout your meal. Plus, you’ll be discussing your impending (or survival of) your Jungle Cruise Expedition. Let’s just hope your boat didn’t sink!

Ambiance and Decor

Ask a server at Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen where the best seat in the house is, and in true Jungle Cruise fashion, he or she may respond with, “Inside!” – Disney Parks Blog

Stepping into Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen is like a mini treasure hunt… Adventuring down the river continues on land as you peer into the few rooms that make up this table service restaurant. The walls are laden with secret treasures like punny references to the Exotic Jungle Cruise boat ride, souvenirs from Skipper’s travels, and plenty of Disney SEA references.

If you need to visit the washroom, be sure to pay attention to the threshold to the Secret Society Meeting room. It’s actually a working bookcase door. The tomes that load down the shelves are quite funny, serious, and themed. You’ll see a fez collection of the SEA members behind glass, too.

Skipper Canteen office Albert Falls
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Secret Meeting Room is much more formal than the Mess Hall, with animal print chairs, a sofa, and a long meeting table. Booths beckon for side discussions and plenty of artifacts labeled behind glass will keep you engaged. The entire restaurant could be likened to a museum, taking a Disney World Guest hours to tour.  Look up in the main Mess Hall dining area, and you’ll see some offices on the balcony. Recognize any names? You’ll undoubtedly see Albert and Alberta listed. A large (unmissable) banner hangs in the mess hall commemorating the inaugural departure of the first Skipper boat.

Skipper Canteen office
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Parks Blog tells us that Disney history buffs and SEA prospective members will have a “blast picking out references to The Jungle Cruise attraction in the restaurant’s wood carvings, and few artifacts have even made their way over from the former Adventurer’s Club at Pleasure Island (now Disney Springs).” Another fun element that brings the location to life is the background music. Tunes from the 1930s play in the background, and you can almost hear Albert Awol narrating the announcements.

Menu at the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

We’ve got the recommendations you’re looking for! Let’s touch on the best dishes to try at the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen when you’re finished with your harrowing river tour. Mind the crocodiles!


Feast on appetizers including the quintessential Orinoco Ida’s Cachapas (House-made Corn Pancakes with Beer-braised Pork, and Avocado Cream), the plant-based Falls Family Falafel, a Lost and Found Soup (of the day), and a Jungle Green Salad, surely picked from a Jungle Cruise Skipper’s favorite plants.

Jungle Green Salad Skipper Canteen
Jungle Green Salad Credit: Disney World

What you won’t find on the menu at Skipper Canteen is a “secret” appetizer called Pao De Queijo. It’s a plate of Brazilian Cheese Bread balls with a smeared side of poblano cream cheese and chimichurri sauce. There are about 9 bread balls on the plate, and I assure you that you will be fighting with your boat mates on who gets the last one! Sometimes, you can find a dish similar to this at the Brazilian booth at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. But that one won’t come with the punny service that this one does!

If you want to order the Pao De Queijo, you’ll want to ask your server… it is on again and off again, and you never know when this treasure will be there!

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pao de queijo secret appetizer at jungle skipper canteen
Pao De Queijo Credit: The Fairest Run of All


2020 saw a large reduction in the number of dishes available at the Adventureland restaurant, but hopefully, we will see that number return to double. Choose from surf, turf, noodles, or stew on this flavorful menu.

savory chicken at jungle skipper
Tastes like Chicken” Because it is! Credit: Disney World

The Dr. Falls Signature Grilled Steak is a New York Strip, which comes with hash, greens, and farofa (a traditional Brazilian side dish made with toasted yuca flour/cassava flour). The  “Tastes like Chicken” Because it is! dish is one that suits a homestyle palate, with sides of gently stir-fried vegetables, and seasoned rice.

For a giggle, order aloud the “Curried Vegetable Crew Stew” which is made by Stu in a stew pot. It’s got veggies and pineapple-laced tofu in a house-made Curry Sauce served with Coconut Rice. It’s a great plant-based dish for those looking for one!
Curried Vegetable Crew Stew
Curried Vegetable Crew Stew Credit: Disney World

Never to be without a laugh, the Hardy Har Char Siu Pork is a serious matter!  Char Siu-marinated pork is served with Seasonal Vegetables and Jasmine Rice, making the plate hearty but not overfilling.

The Sustainable Fish is “Not Piranha,” the crew claims… but we’re not sure. The splashy piranha seen at Disneyland Resort never appears at Walt Disney World, so MAYBE it’s in the kitchen!! The fish is served on a  Cassava Fritter with Wilted Greens and a Guava-Habanero Sauce… spicy and light, yet splashy!

Lastly, get wiggly with a bowl of Perkin’s Thai Noodles. Pamela Perkins is the President of the Adventurer’s Club, which is a huge part of the Disney S.E.A. community. Perkins specializes in a tofu-based dish with veggies, rice noodles, and a Spicy Soy-Chili-Garlic Sauce. Need some extra protein? You can add chicken to this dish!

"Hardy Har Char" Siu Pork
“Hardy Har Char” Siu Pork Credit: Disney World

Endangered Species

For many years before Walt Disney World Reopened in the summer of 2020, the menu was extensive at Skipper Canteen. Menu items were removed from the listings as the Park reopened to smaller crowds, but many of these dishes were fan favorites, so hopefully, these extravagant flavors will return to the menu when Walt Disney World returns to “normal.”

The Shiriki Noodle Salad, S.E.A. SHU MAI, the iconic Whole Fried Fish, Sankuru Sadie’s Seafood Stew, Trader Lamb Chops, and the “A Lot at Steak” Salad were removed at that point. The Sankuru Seafood Stew was a personal favorite of this reporter, and we hope it comes back soon! For what it’s worth, these dishes are still featured photos for the restaurant, while only six dishes are available for purchase.

sankaroo sadie stew
Sankuru Sadie Seafood Stew Credit: Disney World


For a limey taste of the river, the Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight is a great choice to end your adventure. This dish is available on the allergy menu, as well. For those looking for a light finish to their meal, the Coconut Bar with Vanilla Chiffon Cake and Lime-White Chocolate Ganache is a tropical sensation. Fitting for those with peanut or fish allergies, this dessert has a Pineapple-Basil Compote that’s extra islandy.

vanilla chiffon cake skipper canteen
Coconut Bar Dessert Credit: Disney World

The Kungaloosh, a classic Skipper dessert, features an African-inspired chocolate cake with caramelized bananas, cashew-caramel ice cream, and coffee dust. It’s a small plate that’s easy to share and cap off your meal with something sweet.

Kungaloosh dessert
Kungaloosh! Dessert Credit: Disney World

Children’s Menu at Skipper Canteen

The Disney Parks Dining team says there is “one yellow food” on every menu at Walt Disney World. Of course, this means food that typical picky eaters will typically launch themselves toward. Selection on the “yellow food” menu include Mac and Cheese, Chicken tenders, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, etc. The Jungle Skipper Canteen is no exception, with plenty for your young Skipper to choose from.

These Kid’s Meals have a Create-Your-Own aspect, allowing them to choose an entree and two sides, as well as a drink. Sides include options like Steamed Broccoli, Seasonal Vegetables, Fingerling Potatoes, Jasmine Rice Blend, Seasonal Fruit, Banana Monkey Bites, and Volcano! Cake.

Menu items for children have included: Congo Connie’s Coconut-Curry Concoction, a Sizzling Savanna Grilled Steak, a mini version of Chef Tandaji’s Crispy Chicken, and the ever-popular Junior Skip’s Macaroni & Cheese. You’ll notice that many of these menu items are fairly standard, but have a slight Adventureland spin. With so many options, your kiddos are sure to have an easy choice.

kids menu at jungle skipper canteen
Junior Skip’s Macaroni & Cheese Credit: Disney World

Drinks and Cocktails

One of the few places in Magic Kingdom that sells alcohol with a meal, the Skipper Canteen has many options for you. There are sodas, juices, teas, coffee, cocktails, wine, beer and even specialty non-alcoholic punches.

Specialty cocktails include house-made sangrias (both red and white) as well as off-the-menu seasonal Sangrias that pop up. The Jungle Navigation Co. Shandy is a refreshing mix of Belgian ale and lemonade that will have you relaxed after a long trip down the river. Non-alcoholic mocktails like the Punch Line Punch (a joke in a cup!) is a juice mix with a slightly pulpy mango puree that has lots of flavor!

If you need a souvenir for your tiki bar, check out the sweet Schweitzer Slush that can be served in a commemorative tin cup that comes in handy during a hike! The Frozen Apple Juice and Passion Fruit beverage is topped with Bursting Green Apple Boba Balls, first concocted by the noted explorer and humanitarian, Dr. Albert…. Slush!

You’ll also find a very wide array of beers and wines, both red and white in variety.

Punch Line Punch and Schweitzer Slush
Punch Line Punch and Schweitzer Slush. Credit: Disney Parks

Allergy Menu

Jungle Skipper Canteen offers a wide array of allergy-friendly dishes for adults and children. Specialty appetizers, entrees, desserts, and children’s plates are available for each allergy, and some dishes are approved for multiple allergies. While the allergy menu is available online, be sure to mention your food allergies to your waiter as well as to ask to speak with a chef, who will visit your table at no charge and discuss the food options that are best for you!

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skipper canteen
Credit: Disney

Prices at the Jungle Skipper Canteen

Prices at this Walt Disney World Table Service restaurant range from $15 to $35 for both lunch and dinner. There is no breakfast available here at this time. This excludes any beverages, taxes, gratuities (tips), or fees. This restaurant accepts the Disney Dining Plan when it is active.

  • Breakfast – not available
  • Lunch Menu – $15 to $34.99 per adult, $10-$13 per child
  • Dinner Menu – $15 to $34.99 per adult, $10-$13 per child

If you need to keep costs down dining at Skipper Canteen, stick to water for the beverages and share a few appetizers between meal-mates. You’ll get tons of flavors, try something new and save a few bucks. Did you know that if you make a table service reservation at Walt Disney World, you can order whatever you want? Sip coffee and dessert or order a full four-course meal. It’s completely up to you… choose your own Adventure!

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