Leaked Photos Reveal Jude Law’s New Captain Hook!

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jude law and captain hook

Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney

“I’ll get you for this, Pan!” Superstar Jude Law has been cast as the new Captain Hook in the upcoming live-action Peter Pan and Wendy film and, now, we’ve seen the first leaked set photos of his costume.

Turn away now if you don’t want any spoilers!

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Jude Law is looking suave as Captain Hook

jude law Marvel
Credit: Marvel Studios

The new photos, from DisInsider via the Daily Mail, show a familiar-yet-updated version of the iconic villain. Law can be seen sporting Hook’s iconic moustache and long hair, though he’s got dirty blonde hair, rather than the animated character’s jet black mane.

Law’s hand is hidden behind his back, so we can’t see his legendary hooked hand. The following Twitter post showcases Law’s look for the upcoming Disney live-action remake.

Law is the latest in the line of live-action Disney villains, including Luke Evans (Gaston) from Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar) from The Lion King (2019).

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What is Peter Pan and Wendy?

captain hook and smee
Credit: Disney

Peter Pan and Wendy is an upcoming Disney live-action remake, exclusive to Disney+. It’s a remake of the original Peter Pan (1953), using the same iconic characters like Wendy Darling, Michael, the Lost Boys, and of course, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. The film has entered production and is due to release in 2022 on the streaming service.

The cast has also been largely revealed and it includes Alan Tudyk as Mr. Darling, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, and Jim Gaffigan as Mr Smee. Other cast members include Ever Anderson (Wendy Darling), Joshua Blue Pickering (John Darling), Alyssa Wapanatâhk (Tiger Lily), and Alexander Molony as Peter Pan himself.

Be sure to grab a handful of Pixie dust for this adventure to Neverland! With Jude Law looking so cool as Captain Hook, we’re even more excited for the movie!

captain hook peter pan
Credit: Disney

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Who is Peter Pan‘s Captain Hook?

Captain Hook
Credit: Disney

He’s not just the scary final act of Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland. Captain James Hook is an iconic character as famous as any Lost Boy. The character has been seen in multiple adaptations, including Steven Speilberg’s Hook (1991). In that version, the character was played by Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook’s diabolical mug took centre stage for the first time. Additionally, in Peter Pan (2003) the character was played by Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs. He also played Mr. Darling. Unfortunately, the character didn’t appear in the 2004 film Finding Neverland!

Furthermore, the character has played an iconic part in Disney theme parks around the world, including Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Disneyland resort.

Hook is an iconic Disney villain known for his rivalry with both Peter Pan and the crocodile who hate his hand. He’s a fan favorite character and we can’t wait to see what Law does with the famous pirate!

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Dustin Hoffman
Credit: Disney

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