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Are you visiting Orlando, Florida, or are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are going to need to figure out where you and your party are going to stay!

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Of course, the option to stay on property at a Walt Disney World Resort is always available, but sometimes, it could be a better experience, and a more cost-effective move to stay at a vacation rental property, off-property.

That being said, picking the perfect vacation home in the Orlando, Florida, area can be tough, especially considering the variety of options Guests have to choose from. So today, we are going to break down what you need to know before you book your vacation home for your upcoming Disney World vacation. Plus, as someone who has stayed in multiple vacation homes in Orlando, you have an expert on your side letting you know what you need to be paying attention to ensure you have a magical trip.

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Today, we are going to dive into the benefits of renting a vacation home near Walt Disney World, determine what to look for in a vacation home to rent in Orlando, Florida, as well as discover common rental policies for vacation homes near Walt Disney World so that you have been made aware of everything before you commit to an entire home for your stay.

Benefits of renting a vacation home near Walt Disney World

There are plenty of benefits that travelers heading to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando for their Orlando vacation can experience when renting a vacation home. Let’s take a look at why you should consider an Orlando vacation rental home as an option for your next stay.

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Why should you stay at a vacation home near Walt Disney World?

Planning a Disney World vacation can be super stressful, but where you are staying does not have to be. Although staying on Disney property is always a big plus, there are many reasons why a short-term rental would be perfect for your Disney vacation.

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First, let’s look at the location. The Orlando, Florida area is a large space, and there are plenty of vacation homes that you can pick from — from Kissimmee to Champions Gate, there are many gated community locations, luxury homes, and private pools that you can enjoy. That being said, staying closer to Disney World is always the best option.

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If you are close to Disney World, this means you’re nearby all of the Disney theme parks as well as Disney Springs. Therefore, if you ever want to get that Disney transportation feeling in you, you can call an Uber at a lower cost because of your proximity to the parks. Even if you are driving, you probably never want to waste your Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom day in transit, so being close to the magic is always a great idea.

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Orlando also has a ton of shops and eateries close to Walt Disney World Resort that Guests will be able to enjoy.

The goal for many Disney fans is to always be as close to Disney as possible. Therefore, renting a vacation home next to the theme parks will bring you one step closer to Mickey Mouse!

How much money can you save staying at a vacation home near Walt Disney World instead of in the park?

If you are planning on heading to Disney with a larger group, that is likely why you would be considering a vacation home in Orlando, Florida. Vacation homes often fit 10 Guests or more, and they are much more convenient for larger groups than having to rent multiple hotel rooms and having the downside of being separated.

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The cost of a vacation home can vary by size, location, company, and time of year, but for a quick experiment I took a look at Orlando Vacation Homes and examined a 5-day stay. There were a variety of houses that would cost a total of approximately $1,500.00, and I included one example below. The house could comfortably fit five couples without anyone having to share a room, and if there are kids involved, you can put them in their own room as well, which is a big bonus that Disney World hotel rooms often do not have, unless you are in a multi-bedroom suite.

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When you go to the Disney World site to book a room, you can’t even put more than 10 Guests on a reservation when searching for your hotel! That being said, for 9 people to be fully together, it would cost around $1,000.00 per night, which means it can be almost five times more expensive to stay at a Disney World Resort.

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Plus, you do not need to pay for parking nightly at a rental home, which can mean another few hundred dollars back in your pocket!

Why choose a vacation rental over a hotel?

As we discussed, many parties who are looking for a Disney World vacation rental home, as opposed to a hotel, are often larger groups who would want to spend their vacation in a house or villa, but even if you are not a huge group, this advice still applies!

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Staying in a vacation rental will give Guests a lot more space to spread out and have room to enjoy their vacation. Disney World can also not accommodate really large groups all in one space, so by renting a home, you can put everyone in one area rather than multiple hotel rooms which would make the vacation feel a little disjointed. It also, most of the time, will avoid groups needing to share a room.

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Staying in a vacation rental will also give you the luxury that not all Disney Resorts can provide because of the vast amount of space you have. Full kitchens, multiple bathrooms, and private pools and hot tubs are often amenities that are included in a vacation home that other hotels do not have.

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Many vacation homes also have a tonne of theming so you do not need to worry about missing out! We have previously reported on homes with Star Wars, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World, and Harry Potter-inspired theming that will have Guests feeling more immersed in the magic.

Often, these homes are also in gated communities, which means Guests can feel safe knowing they still have some security during their vacation.

What do you need to bring to a vacation home?

One of the best parts about a vacation rental home in Central Florida, or really, anywhere, is that you barely need to bring anything! Of course, you need to bring all of your clothes, Mickey ears, and anything else you want to wear or use in the Disney Parks, but in terms of home goods — it is all provided.

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From dishware to detergent, cleaning supplies, and bath products, vacation homes typically have all of these things covered, which means you will have a much more relaxing time and have less to worry about while packing.

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But, with vacation homes, as we mentioned, you get a kitchen! Since you will not have a food court readily available, it is always a great option to keep snacks in your home. You can also choose to cook meals, which will save you a lot of money in comparison to Disney theme park food pricing.

Even if you choose not to cook, you will surely notice that a full fridge and storage is a luxury in comparison to Disney’s smaller fridges, or, the mini-fridges that are provided in many rooms. You need a place to put that leftover Disney food right? Well, you often won’t get that if you are staying on-property.

What to look for in a vacation home to rent in Orlando, Florida

What amenities should you look for in a vacation home?

If you are looking to stay in a vacation home in Orlando Florida, make sure that it checks off every box you are looking for! One of the benefits of staying in a home is that it is a house, so it has much more space in comparison to other resorts. Below, I am going to provide a basic checklist of things that I personally look for when it comes to booking a vacation property near Walt Disney World.

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  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Washer/dryer
  • TV rooms
  • WiFi
  • Blow dryer
  • Shampoo/conditioner/body wash
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Bbq
  • Game room
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Is it a gated community?
  • Is there a shared pool in the community?
  • Reviews — what do others say about the property?
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Top resorts with vacation homes to rent near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

What is an example of a great vacation home available near Walt Disney World?

Personally, I am a huge fan of Loma Homes! Loma Homes is located in Champion’s Gate and is approximately 15 minutes away from Disney World. The reason I am a fan of these vacation rental options is not only because of the proximity but also staying in these vacation homes is an experience.

Whether you are staying at Wizard’s Way, Twelve Parsecs, or their upcoming Raptor Retreat, every room, hallway, and bathroom is incredibly themed with special effects, hidden doors, and sounds that will have you feeling like you never left the theme parks! Some homes also come with interactive games that Guests can play, as well as a welcome package and recommendations of things to do in the area.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can also save $150.00 off your next booking, which is a great deal!

Loma Homes vacation rentals and villas typically have 8+ bedrooms, which means your party of 20 can easily stay here with loads of space to have fun. All of the appliances are also top of the line they have all rooms have been sterilized and professionally cleaned, with every toilet seat wrapped upon arrival.

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Plus, although every home has its own private pool because this is a gated community, Guests can enjoy the massive pool area and bar that Champion’s Gate has to offer, as well as a golf course nearby, which can give Guests a resort feel, if that is something that they are looking for.

Where is the best area to stay when traveling to Orlando, Florida?

This is definitely based on preference, but if you are vacationing, staying near Walt Disney World would be best! We will discuss some close neighborhoods in the next section below that you can look into for vacation home rentals, luxury villas, and luxury Orlando vacation rentals, but if you want a prime time location near Disney World, staying in the Celebration area is a great option.

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In Celebration, Guests are minutes away from Disney World, plus, there are plenty of lush gardens to explore, restaurants to eat at, and shops to visit — all within walking distance to your vacation home. The area is also well taken care of and will allow you to feel nice and relaxed when you are on your Disney World vacation, which can often become quite busy.

Which neighborhoods are closest to Walt Disney World?

Exploring a variety of neighborhoods near Walt Disney World is key to ensuring you pick the right spot for your group on your Disney World vacation. Some good areas to take a look at when it comes to vacation home rentals are typically:

  • Windermere
  • Celebration
  • Champion’s Gate
  • Kissimmee
  • Lake Buena Vista
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Each of these areas will have you minutes away from the Walt Disney World Resort, so proximity will not be an issue!

Common rental policies for vacation homes near Walt Disney World

How do you book a vacation home near Walt Disney World?

If you want to book a vacation home near Walt Disney World Resort, there are a few ways to do this. You can look for a travel agent that books both on and off-property Disney vacations and vacation homes in Orlando, Florida. But, you can also look for yourself!

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Personally, one of the best things for me when it comes to booking a Disney vacation is the planning, especially picking where I am going to stay. All of the short-term rental homes in Orlando can be just as exciting as a Disney Resort, so don’t you worry —  magic will be all around you. This means that you will need to do some research. When looking for a home or villa to stay in, keeping in mind how big the home is and if it has the amenities you require (ex. fully equipped kitchen, private pool, etc), and what its proximity is to Disney World.

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To help get you started, we will link a variety of vacation home rental websites that you can peruse to get a feel on pricing and what Orlando vacation rentals homes look like:

These are just a few of the many websites that Orlando homeowners have posted their investment properties up for Guests to rent on their vacations. Once you find one you like, the booking process is typically all done online just as you would for a hotel booking.

Of course, Airbnb is also another great website and tool to find an Orlando vacation home in the exact area you prefer.

How many people are allowed to stay in a vacation home?

The number of people that are typically allowed to stay in a vacation home will vary from home to home. Depending on the number of bedrooms that the home is offering, the number will typically change. The way that I like to get the answer to this question is to see the total number of Guests that the home sleeps, and then use that as the number of Guests that are allowed to stay.

Pool Nighttime View
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If a vacation home can sleep 14 people, including more than that number would likely be uncomfortable for some Guests as the home is only meant to host a specific number of people, so sticking to that rule will also ensure that you have a perfect and comfortable vacation.

Many houses can typically host 10-20 people, but if you want a larger villa that will be able to accommodate even more Guests, those homes also exist!

What is the typical service fee for booking a vacation home?

Depending on the site you book, the service fee for your Disney World vacation home can vary from company to company and home to home.

That being said, we took a look at the service fee associated with the Loma Homes real estate rental properties as a basis for what Guests can expect. No matter how many days we selected, the only fees that were associated were for cleaning. In total, this would add an extra $295.00 to the total of your home.

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Screenshot via Loma Homes

This is something we see on various short-term rental sites, such as Airbnb. If you can book on a website in which every home listed is owned by that company, such as Loma Homes, you can avoid paying a service fee that the site sets out as well as a cleaning fee, as you would experience on Airbnb. Some websites can also choose to charge you nightly cleaning fees as opposed to one lump sum fee for the entire booking.

As we mentioned, the typical service fee that comes along with a vacation home can change depending on who you are booking with, but on average the fee will likely cost you a few hundred dollars.

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Alright, so that covers all the basics that any Orlando vacationer needs to know when it comes to what renting a vacation home will be like. If you like to experience luxury, have plenty of space, enjoy privacy, and still want to feel at home on your Disney vacation, renting a vacation home is for you. Although the idea of renting a whole home can seem daunting, the process is quite simple and will give you a very unique aspect to your Disney vacation!

Would you consider staying in a vacation home near Disney World on your next Orlando, Florida visit? 

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