‘Jurassic World’ Inspired Home Opens Minutes from Disney and Universal

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Credit: Loma Homes via Instagram

If you ever grew up wanting to be a paleontologist, or perhaps, you’re just a huge Jurassic Park / Jurassic World fan, we have the perfect place for you to stay on your next vacation in Central Florida!

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Credit: Universal

Interestingly enough, at both Universal Orlando Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort, dinosaur attractions are quite popular. In Disney World, Animal Kingdom is home to the epic thrill ride DINOSAUR and also has an entire land celebrating the prehistoric era called DinoLand USA. Universal Orlando, on the other hand, has an entire Jurassic Park themed section where Guests can dive into the franchise on Jurassic Park River Adventure, and now, with Jurassic World VelociCoaster opening shortly, the Chris Pratt led franchise will be joining its predecessor at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

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Credit: Universal

If you think that the theme parks do an impressive job transporting Guests to the age of carnivorous predators, this new vacation home will blow you away. Loma Homes is an Orlando-based vacation home rental property that has incredibly themed homes. From Wizard’s Way to Star Wars, Loma Homes makes sure that each room is highly immersive and interactive. Now, they are creating Raptor Retreat in April, which is looking like it will be a jaw-dropping experience.

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Loma Homes recently took to Instagram to showcase one of the beds in their new vacation home, and it looks amazing. Guests can sleep inside the fossil of a T-Rex, and if the bed is similar to those in their other homes, it will probably roar and ooze with smoke at the touch of a button.

T – 29 days till our next extreme-themed rental #RaptorRetreat opens in April ??

Follow along as we renovate the world’s most immersive dinosaur-themed house ?

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Check out this other room rendering, where Guests will be able to sleep in a museum come to life!

Who will be brave enough to sleep under this dinosaur at #RaptorRetreat??? ?
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Interestingly enough, Raptor Retreat will be debuting close to VelociCoaster’s premiere, which is set to open in summer 2021. For those thrill-seekers who cannot wait for the Universal Orlando attraction to open, pairing that experience with a stay at Raptor Retreat may be the most Jurassic-based experience you will ever encounter!

If you want to book this dino home, click here!

Would you be up for sleeping inside the mouth of a dinosaur? 

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