Calling All ‘Harry Potter’ Fans! Experience This Immersive Potter Vacation Home

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Traveling to Central Florida’s immersive theme parks just became much more fun thanks to Loma Homes. Their Harry Potter inspired vacation home near Orlando is pure magic.

Known as Wizards Way, this 8-bedroom extreme experience will definitely delight any fan of the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter novels. In addition to rooms featuring décor inspired by the spellbinding series, several enchanting extras await visitors as well.

Enjoying a family vacation at Universal Studios Orlando Resort and their amazing Wizarding World attractions and experiences offer Harry Potter fans a great way to enjoy the franchise.

What if that theme park experience did not have end after leaving the parks for the day?  It doesn’t. Now, thanks to themed rooms and homes created by Loma Homes, that enchantment can continue way beyond a visit to Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade Village.

Loma Homes is a vacation rental company focused on creating a next level experience for our guests. Our slogan is “Don’t just stay. Experience”. We provide homes that are all newly renovated and professionally designed, and offer a line of extreme vacation rentals in Orlando near the theme parks–currently we have a Star Wars inspired homes called Twelve Parsecs and Harry Potter inspired home called Wizards Way. We bring in contractors from South Carolina that specialize in haunted houses and theme parks to help create these homes. We also have a home in Destin Florida and plan to continue to grow quickly in both the markets and others across the US.  -Bryndee Barton (Loma Homes)

Cupboard under the stairs

The Ultimate Potter Inspired Vacation Home

Located just a few doors down from the company’s other Central Florida themed vacation home (the Star Wars themed 12 Parsecs rental), the exterior of Wizards Way does little to betray the amazing secrets found within.  This two-story fantasy escape features 5 themed bathrooms and eight amazing bedrooms.

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation outside

Peer inside this spellbinding structure (pensive not required)

Just about every wall and space within Wizards Way conjures elements of the Potter stories.  From a dining room (complete with custom table and Dumbledore-inspired chair at the head of that table), to the Hogwarts style stair case (complete with scores of art work), a truly magical adventure awaits those who stay. There’s even a sorting hat at this Harry Potter inspired vacation home!

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation hallway


‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation stairway

living room

sorting hat

Magical Bedrooms of Wizards Way

Of course, the eight bedrooms each have their own theme. On the first floor a pair of Potter powered places to rest.

In the first themed bedroom, a looming whomping willow tree surrounds the Weasley flying Ford Anglia (turned into a bed). This cleverly crafted car-bed includes sound effects and working headlights which triggered by an interactive dashboard.


‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Anglia 2

Anglia 3

The second ground level master bedroom delivers a breathtaking Platform 9 ¾ setting. In addition to the custom-built Hogwarts Express engine-style bed (complete with engine controls for a steam stack and sound effects), the room offers a fun photo op.

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation 9 3/4

Engine front

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation 9 3/4 2

The remaining six bedrooms await just beyond the Hogwarts inspired stair case.  These include Hogwarts house sleeping quarters based upon Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor houses.


‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation door 2

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Gryffindor

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Ravenclaw


‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Slytheryn


Accessed via a “hidden” chimney/door, the Diagon Alley room harbors a screeching, smoke breathing dragon! Meanwhile, Dumbledore’s office lends its look to the final bedroom.

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Diagon Alley rm1


Dumbledores office

Office 2

Five fantastic fantasy-themed bathrooms

“The bathrooms each have unique Harry Potter themes–Hedwig, Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter bathrooms (complete with mermaid stained glass mural and mermaid singing sound effect), Dobby, and Sirius Black.”Loma Homes

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation bathroom


Accio Additional Amenities!

What would a vacation home be without entertainment options?  Wizards way wows with several engaging entertainment experiences.   These include:

  • A garage converted Quidditch pitch (complete with faux grass flooring) featuring foosball and a pool table.
  • The Forbidden Forest theater room found on the second floor reveals a sinister secret when the lights are lowered.
  • Screened in, outdoor swimming pool area which plays host to an embedded chess board adjacent to the private pool and hot tub.

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Quidditch

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation forbidden forest theater

Theater Room2

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation Dementors!


Pool 2

Spellbinding Scavenger Hunt

“Wizards Way also offers a scavenger hunt game where you find the 7 horcrux pieces hidden throughout the home that when placed upon the game pedestal creates a sound and when all pieces are found and placed you get a grand finale light and sound show.” – Loma Homes

‘Harry Potter’ Inspired Vacation scavanger hunt

Making Magic at the Harry Potter Inspired Vacation Home

Loma Homes knew we wanted to create the best experience for our guests and stand out. With the theme parks nearby and the awesome loyal fanbases to these different series created a unique opportunity to take the homes to the next level and go all in on fully themed and interactive experience homes.  – Bryndee Barton/Loma Homes

common room

For any would be wizard and magical minded muggle desiring this delightfully whimsical Wizards Way as part of their vacation have several options to make this happen.

Loma Home’s magical décor masterpiece maintains listings on AirBNB, Homeaway, VRBO and other popular booking sites. However, for optimal pricing possibilities, point browsers to the company’s own website. Sorry, Owls are no an option at this time.


Additional themed overnight escape options are in the works at Loma Homes. In addition to Wizards Way, the company also affords those wanting to vacation in a galaxy far, far away an out of this world place to stay called 12 Parsecs.  The company plans to add a pair of immersive experiences annually.  These include the possibility of a Jurassic World and an undersea vacation home.

Would you stay at a Harry Potter inspired vacation home? Which room would you choose?

Source and images Loma Homes



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