Escape to This ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Vacation Home

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World park transports guests into an impressive and immersive Star Wars environment. Inspired by elements of the same space saga, Loma Homes extends the experience with its nearby Star Wars-inspired vacation home.

Better known as Twelve Parsecs, this massive 9-bedroom/5-bathroom vacation escape is located just minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort. Within the walls of this Force-fueled fantasy, fans will enjoy a host of Star Wars surprises!

Enjoying a family vacation at Walt Disney World Resort, especially at Galaxy’s Edge, offers Star Wars fans a great way to enjoy the franchise.  What if that theme park experience did not have to end after leaving the parks for the day?  It doesn’t. Now, thanks to themed rooms and homes created by Loma Homes, that excitement can continue way beyond a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.

Twelve Parsecs rental hallway

Loma Homes is a vacation rental company focused on creating a next level experience for our guests. Our slogan is “Don’t just stay. Experience”. We provide homes that are all newly renovated and professionally designed, and offer a line of extreme vacation rentals in Orlando near the theme parks–currently we have a Star Wars inspired homes called Twelve Parsecs and Harry Potter inspired home called Wizards Way. We bring in contractors from South Carolina that specialize in haunted houses and theme parks to help create these homes. We also have a home in Destin Florida and plan to continue to grow quickly in both the markets and others across the US.  -Bryndee Barton (Loma Homes)

Twelve Parsecs rental home build

Star Wars Inspired Vacation rental before and after

Set course for an out of this world Star Wars-inspired vacation

Located just a few doors down from the company’s other Central Florida themed vacation home (the Harry Potter themed Wizards Way rental), the exterior of Twelve Parsecs does little to betray the stellar secrets found within.  This two-story sci-fi escape features 9 Star Wars inspired bedrooms, specially designed furniture and 5 bathrooms.

Star Wars Inspired Vacation front

Star Wars Inspired Vacation Falcon table

Bedrooms from beyond the rim

It might just be a coincidence, but just the Star Wars saga currently has nine episodes, Twelve Parsecs houses 9 bedrooms, each inspired by scenes or planets from the Skywalker saga.

Twelve Parsecs home rental

Star Wars-inspired first floor finds

Find the initial pair of sleeping quarters on the first floor. Special blue illumination and starship styled bunks give the illusion of slumber aboard a large spaceship.

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars rental bunk beds

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars rental bedroom

Another room on the same level relies upon a famous Corellian freighter for inspiration. Han Solo would be proud!

“The Master (bedroom) is all space themed with 3D planets coming off the walls and a custom bed inspired by the Millennium Falcon, complete with an interactive cockpit.” -Loma Homes

Star Wars Inspired Vacation rental Falcon 1

Star Wars Inspired Vacation rental Falcon 2

“Fly” the ‘Falcon to seven Star Wars destinations on the second floor

Various planets from the galaxy far, far away serve as scene settings for second-floor quarters. Each of these awaits beyond “exit doors” from within a Millennium Falcon-style hallway.

Star Wars Inspired Vacation rental Falcon hallway

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental door

Planetary pit-stops include:

  • Cloud City
  • Dagobah
  • Endor
  • Hoth
  • Mustafar
  • Naboo
  • Tatooine

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Cloud City

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Dagobah2

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Endor

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Hoth

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Mustafar

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Naboo

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Tatooine

Skywalker Saga decorated bathrooms

In keeping with Twelve Parsecs impressive (most impressive) theming, all five of this vacation home’s bathrooms sport Star Wars décor.

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental bathroom1
Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Bathroom2
Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental bathroom

Additional creature comforts

In addition to nine Star Wars saga inspired bedrooms, Twelve Parsecs has a few more surprises for guests.  The modern kitchen makes use of themed appliances. Additionally, a screened in swimming pool includes Millennium Falcon and Death Star pool floats. The game room (not pictured) hosts a ping pong table and pool table.

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental kitchen1

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Toaster

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental appliances

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Living Room

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental pool

Explore the Galaxy at this Star Wars Inspired Vacation Home

Loma Homes knew we wanted to create the best experience for our guests and stand out. With the theme parks nearby and the awesome loyal fan bases to these different series created a unique opportunity to take the homes to the next level and go all in on fully themed and interactive experience homes.  – Bryndee Barton/Loma Homes

Twelve Parsecs Star Wars Rental Stairs

Any aspiring Imperial officer, Rebel fighter or seasoned smuggler desiring to escape to a galaxy far, far away as part of their vacation has several options to make this happen. Loma Home’s magical décor masterpiece maintains listings on VRBO and other popular booking sites.

However, for optimal pricing possibilities, point browsers to the company’s own website. Sorry, Droid assistance is not an option at this time.

Star Wars Inspired Vacation dining

Additional themed overnight escape options are in the works at Loma Homes. In addition to 12 Parsecs, the company also affords those wanting to vacation within the Wizarding World a magical experience with its Harry Potter inspired vacation home: Wizards Way.

The company plans to add a pair of immersive experiences annually.  These include the possibility of a Jurassic World and an undersea vacation home.

Would you stay at a Star Wars inspired vacation home? Which room would you choose?

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