Super Nintendo World Brings Mario Characters to Life!

in Universal Studios Japan

super nintendo world

Credit: Maction Planet

Universal Japan’s Super Nintendo World has lifted their social media embargo and we can now look into the land! Now, we can see what the characters will look like within the land and the detail is pretty spectacular.

Super Nintendo World
Credit Universal

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When you visit a theme park, one of the most important aspects is the theming within that land. From Disney World having Mickey Mouse wave to you or Winnie the Pooh bouncing around, to Universal Orlando Resort showcasing Sponge Bob or the Scooby-Doo gang, having characters present is essential for theme park immersion.

Seeing characters during a trip enhances the feeling of being transported to another world.

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Super Nintendo World at Universal Japan is definitely setting itself up for a highly themed experience as Guests will enter through a green tube, as Super Mario does in many Nintendo games. Then, they will suddenly be encompassed by a video game cartoon world. Now, we can start to see what the walk-around characters are going to look like and Universal deserves a pat on the back.

Masklomaniac (@masklomaniac) posted a photo of Princess Peach on Twitter and she looks straight out of a video game! Here’s to hoping that she can make her classic “Ha-Cha!” sound effect.

Peach mascot revealed for Super Nintendo World!

One impressive aspect of this character is her face. Not only are Princess Peach’s facial features identical to that in Super Mario Kart or any other Nintendo game, but her hair almost looks like it was Photoshopped in. The strands look both real and cartoon — if you stare at it long enough, you may be wondering if you are looking at a real photo or a picture of Princess Peach from within a game. Plus, having a Princess Peach character within this land is crucial and will likely be one of the first characters Guests get to see, considering that the green tube entrance spouts visitors directly into Princess Peach’s’ castle!

super nintendo world construction
Credit: Universal

YouTuber Maction Planet also posted so photos of all the new characters to his channel, and they all look terrific!

super nintendo world
Credit: Maction Planet
super nintendo world
Credit: Maction Planet
super nintendo world
Credit: Maction Planet

If you didn’t know much about the new land, check out what Universal Studios Japan had to say about what was coming:

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will make its debut as the first multi-level land at Universal Studios Japan where Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle tower over the area. It will feature Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides and attractions, as well as restaurants, shops and other experiences that can only be found at Universal Studios Japan. It also provides guests with an all-new type of “Asobi” play experience where they will jump, punch ? Blocks and collect virtual coins. Guests can purchase a Power-Up Band in the land and sync it to their smartphones to keep track of their score and compete with other park guests. At Key Challenge attractions, guests can collect keys, gather character stamps and more using their entire bodies in dynamic activities throughout the land. Families and friends will unleash their passion to play in the new SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

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super nintendo world
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

From Power-Up Bands will allow Guests to interact as players in the Nintendo world to a Super Mario Kart attraction that passes through Bowser’s Castle, there will be so much to see and do. Universal has also confirmed that, although Epic Universe in Orlando is currently at a standstill, Orlando will be receiving its own version of Super Nintendo World in the future!

Considering the indefinite hold on the new park’s construction was alarming, the confident confirmation is exciting for Universal Orlando Guests.

If you want to visit Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan, why not start planning that vacation today? Jump into your favorite Nintendo game by clicking here! 

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