Fans Are Dreaming of a Disney Cruise, But How Soon Will They Sail?

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The ongoing pandemic continues to affect the Walt Disney Company in more ways than one. Several of the Disney theme parks are currently closed as a result of rising COVID-19 cases and pandemic-related reopening restrictions, and Disney Cruise Line has not welcomed passengers since last March.

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With so much uncertainty surrounding future Disney Cruises, we wanted to poll our audience and get their opinions on cruising with Disney in the near or distant future.

Over on our Facebook page, we asked our Inside the Magic readers how soon they plan to set sail on a Disney Cruise.

In the future, when Disney Cruise Line starts sailing again, do you plan to book a trip? Or will you wait until all pandemic-related restrictions are lifted? Let us know your thoughts on cruising in 2021, 2022, and beyond…

In the future, when Disney Cruise Line starts sailing again, do you plan to book a trip? Or will you wait until all…

Posted by Inside the Magic on Sunday, January 31, 2021

As you may imagine, this question doesn’t have a simple answer.

Firstly, we are unsure of when exactly Disney Cruise Line will set sail again. Disney continues to cancel 2021 Disney Cruises. And although we know that the Disney Wish will take its maiden voyage in 2022, it is unclear when exactly the first Disney Cruise during the pandemic will be. The company has guaranteed that they will go at least one year without sailing, since the last Disney Cruise Line vacation was in March 2020.

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Secondly, even when Disney Cruises start up again, not every Disney Cruise Line fan, hopeful passenger, or Castaway Club member will feel ready to board a Disney Cruise ship again. The pandemic is still ongoing, and with that will come several new restrictions, guidelines, and health and safety precautions in place aboard all the ships in the Disney fleet. Although there are some Disney fans who plan to book a cruise as soon as possible, there are others who want to wait until the pandemic is under control before heading out to see, and there are others who do not want to take a cruise when these new restrictions are in place.

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So, even though we don’t know when Disney Cruises will begin again, Disney fans are still sharing their thoughts on setting sail.

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Unsurprisingly, several of our readers shared that they do not plan to board a Disney Cruise ship until sometime in 2022.

“I’ll avoid the Covid vessel of the seas until 2022. It’s worth the wait,” commented Dean K.

Katrina I. said, “I probably won’t even consider a cruise until well beyond 2022.”

“Just decided to cancel September 2021 cruise… hopefully September 2022 will be better,” shared Debbie P.

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Some shared that they plan to wait until it is safe to travel.

“I don’t think I will be cruising until we have a good handle on controlling COVID and wearing masks aren’t a requirement,” said Katie S.

“We cannot wait to get back on a Disney cruise ship but until we are allowed to, and are safe to travel (we’re in the UK), we’ll unfortunately have to wait,” commented Juliette C.

Rogert G. Said, “One of the worst places to be during this pandemic is on a confined cruise ship where the ventilation passes from room to room. No cruise for us thank you.”

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Others said they are waiting for a different reason — they do not want to go on a cruise until all restrictions are lifted.

Jackie A. said, “Until we live in a world where masks aren’t necessary, I won’t be spending thousands of dollars on a cruise.”

Jodi W. shared, “Glad we went Dec 2019. Zero interest in no buffets and having multiple COVID tests. I cannot risk being captive on the ship upon return due to getting back to work. If they want to fly me into Castaway and sleep in a cabana, I’m all for it.”

“My kiddos both have asthma and can’t wear masks for longer than a couple of hours. As much as I miss cruising (and cruising Disney), we just can’t physically. But as soon as everything is safe and we can go without masks, we will,” commented Laura C.

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Still, there was another pattern we noticed: there are plenty of dedicated Disney fans who plan to go on a Disney Cruise as soon as sailing begins again.

“Cruising is my number 1 vacation option! When cruising opens up, I will FOR SURE be cruising as soon as possible!” said Matt B.

“Mask or no mask. We’re sailing,” commented Bre J.

Tracy D. said, “As soon as they will let us sail! We miss it.”

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And of course, there are several people who say their next cruise will be aboard the Disney Wish. 

“DISNEY WISH MAIDEN VOYAGE 2022!!!!” said Beth O.

“We will be on the Wish as soon as she’s ready to set sail,” commented Linda B.

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As a reminder, it’s currently unclear when Disney Cruise Line will set sail again. More and more cruise dates continue to be canceled, though we do know that the Disney Wonder will be setting sail on two-night sailing starting July 5, 2021, and that trip is available to book. Additionally, more 2022 sail dates continue to be unveiled. Given the guidelines for cruise ships that continue to be mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we continue to await more information from Disney Cruise Line. The latest updates can be found on the official website here. 

Do you plan to set sail on a Disney Cruise as soon as possible? Or do you plan to wait until the pandemic is over and restrictions lift? Let us know in the comments.

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