Gina Carano Talks (Literal) Cloak & Dagger Nature of ‘Mandalorian’ Set

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Gina Carano — the sometimes controversial and always conversation-starting actress behind The Mandalorian’s Cara Dune — has had her fair share of time in the spotlight lately.

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Throughout the course of The Mandalorian Season 2, former women’s MMA fighter Carano has become known for her Twitter account where she often shares her social and political opinions, often involving the COVID-19 pandemic, in Tweet form.

Carano’s Tweets have received a great deal of attention, even sparking several social media campaigns — #FireGinaCarano, #WeLoveCaraDune, and #IStandWithGinaCarano have all trended recently. As you can tell, Carano’s opinions have divided Twitter users within the Star Wars fandom, garnering both backlash and support.

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Nonetheless, no matter what they think about Carano’s opinions, many Star Wars fans love the character of Cara Dune, who teaches young girls that you can be both tough and gentle, all while respecting yourself — a combination that is hard to come by in modern popular culture.

As a result, there have been a number of reports that Carano will be getting her own Mandalorian spinoff — likely Rangers of the New Republic, since Dune spent much of the second season of the hit Star Wars series deciding to become a New Republic Marshal.

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It is, however, possible that Dune could appear in The Mandalorian Season 3 alongside Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), Ahsoka alongside Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), The Book of Boba Fett alongside Temuera Morrison as the bounty hunter and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand, or some combination thereof.

Neither Lucasfilm nor Disney have confirmed details of Carano’s future with Star Wars.

Credit: Disney

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In a recent interview with Drunk3PO on YouTube, Carano spoke out about a variety of topics, including the controversy involving Pablo Hidalgo — a Lucasfilm executive who mocked a fan’s reaction to The Mandalorian Season 2 finale episode, which resulted in an onslaught of support in defense of the fan, YouTuber Star Wars Theory.

In the final portion of Drunk3PO’s conversation with Carano, the actress started by sharing how amazing it has been to become a newly minted Star Wars fan while on The Mandalorian set:

“I’ve become a fan from being a part of it and that’s been the most incredible thing.”

When asked when she knew about Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker’s shocking cameo appearance, Carano shared the cloak and dagger nature of life working on The Mandalorian:

“It was very secretive and Lucasfilm was extremely secretive. It’s the most secretive thing I’ve ever been a part of, being part of The Mandalorian. To the point where, like, you have to wear cloaks in between studios. Like, big black cloaks so that, like, you know somebody from the top of the roof doesn’t take pictures. Um, to the point there’s a special place where you get the scripts, but you only get the scripts that you’re in and they’ve got your name printed all over it, so if anything ever gets out…

“But more importantly, I think I have such a respect for Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni and getting everybody just so amped…They inspire you, they bring you to tears. I thought we were just killing stormtroopers here, but there is a bigger deal here.”

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Credit: Gina Carano Instagram

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The Star Wars actress went on to talk about working with Mandalorian creator Favreau and said:

“I mean like the most incredible talks from Jon Favreau every morning to the entire set is just a real beater…keeping secrets, for me, is like, I want people to be surprised.”

Favreau and Filoni love keeping their fans guessing — after all, they kept the sheer existence of Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda AKA The Child) a secret for nearly a full year prior to the premiere of The Mandalorian Season 1 in 2019.

Cara Dune The Mandalorian Season2
Credit: Disney

Further discussing the Luke Skywalker cameo — showcasing a CGI de-aged version of Mark Hamill, looking much like he did during the Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi (1983) era — Carano talked about how everyone who works on the crew of The Mandalorian is a massive Star Wars fan and began to realize there was an unknown actor on set one morning in the make-up trailer.

She then shared her thoughts about the Star Wars fandom as a whole:

From the moment I walked out on stage at Celebration [Star Wars Celebration] and getting that kind of energy from Star Wars fans, I realized, people love this. 

Watch the full final interview segment between Drunk3PO and Gina Carano below:

What are your thoughts on actress Gina Carano, even amid her controversial Tweets? Are you among the Mandalorian fans who hope to see her make a return to the Star Wars universe?

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