Disney+ Fans Have Mixed Reaction to ‘Marvel Studios: Legends’

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Marvel Studios: Legends

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We’re just a few days away from Disney’s new hit show WandaVision arriving on Disney+ and, in anticipation of this show being released — alongside other Marvel shows like Hawkeye, Loki and The Falcon and The Winter SoldierMarvel released a new series to remind fans of some of the key moments that core characters have had in the MCU.

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The description of Marvel Studios: Legends reads:

The series examines individual heroes, villains, and moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how they connect, in anticipation of the upcoming stories that will feature them in the Disney+Phase Four series.

While the show is designed to help relative newcomers to the MCU in understanding core moments of some of the core characters, it would appear that many existing fans started watching the show when it was released on Friday and were less than impressed on what a new Marvel show had to offer. Here are a few of our favorite reactions:

Now there were a few people that were very happy to see clips of their favorite characters being merged into one show:

While the reactions have been mixed, just remember who the show is aimed at. Many people will be excited at the prospect of watching WandaVision when it drops on Friday, but won’t have the time to rewatch all of the MCU movies before then.  Right now we have two episodes to help fans catch-up on Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) before the new show and both of the episodes do the right job in serving as a little refresher to what the characters have been up to until this point.

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We would expect more episodes of Marvel Studios: Legends to drop to time in with future releases of Marvel shows on Disney+.

What did you think of Marvel Studios: Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

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