Tom Hiddleston Shares First Look at “Loki” as Series Begins Filming

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Disney has so much in the works for it’s streaming service Disney+, which launched only a couple months ago on November 12. One of the shows we’re most excited for is about the God of Mischief himself, Loki, and stars the one and only Tom Hiddleston. The Marvel star just shared a first look at the show as the series has reportedly just started filming.

If you’re a big Marvel fan, you’ll remember Loki from the hilarious Thor: Ragnarock, the epic Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, and more in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The trickster god quickly became one of our favorite characters in the MCU, and even though we saw him killed at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War, we all know that wasn’t the end of him

This weekend, insider Charles Murphy shared on Twitter that Loki had started filming over a week ago, stating, “I’m not sure that the right people will see this, but I can promise you that Loki did begin filming last week. I can’t believe that people might not comprehend that these productions aren’t always shot in public and that they use a stage at times, which is the case here.”

And this week, Hiddleston has taken to social media to share a first look at prep for the series. In the video, we can see Hiddleston as Loki practicing flying…and falling? You’ll have to take a look at the short clip below, which was shared to Instagram along with the caption “Prep is going really well. #Loki”.

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Prep is going really well. #Loki

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We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t be more excited for Loki to come to Disney+. It has to be one of the series we’re most excited to be able to watch on the streaming service…although we have to contain our excitement as much as possible since we don’t yet have a debut date for the show.

In a previous interview with MTV about the upcoming show, Hiddleston shared the following:

“I feel that the audience knows him. And playing him — and playing him truthfully, but presenting him with new challenges, which then I’d have to change him in different ways, is the most exciting aspect of it. You’ve got his very specific gifts. His intelligence, treachery, his mischief, his magic, and then seeing him come up against more formidable opponents, the like of which he has never seen or known. I wish I could tell you what happens, but I can’t.”

And in a way, we’re pretty happy we don’t know what happens in the new Loki show, which follows Hiddleston’s character in ways we never expected but — from what we can tell — always knew we needed. We’ll be waiting (impatiently) for a release date and keeping Inside the Magic updated on Marvel news when we learn more details about  Loki and the other Marvel content coming soon.

Are you excited to see Loki on Disney+? Which Marvel series are you most interested in watching: Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or WandaVision? Let us know in the comments!

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