‘Mandalorian’ Actress Starts More Controversy, Fans Once Again Call For Firing

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cara dune

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

The controversy continues for actress Gina Carano, who is known for playing Cara Dune in the hit Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

cara dune
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

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Carano is active on social media and frequently posts political memes and status updates — some of which have already not resonated well with many Mandalorian fans on Twitter in the past.

Now, Carano has shared another controversial Tweet, this time about the coronavirus vaccine. She has also begun polling her followers to see if they plan to get the COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes widely available.

Fans immediately started reacting to Carano’s latest post, with one response from Ben Costello reading:

Ok @Disney if she still won’t stop joking about a pandemic that has killed almost 290k people it’s time to fire her. You gave her a pass last time.

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Another Twitter user, Somedude, replied to an official Star Wars post, writing:

Carano is spreading anti vaccine posts on twitter. Are you going to still keep giving her a bigger platform to spread misinformation? #FireGinaCarano @disneyplus

Anna Maria simply shared a “mic drop” GIF with the trending #FireGinaCarano hashtag six times.

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Finally, Steven Velez shared his take on the Star Wars universe and how Carano doesn’t necessarily fit into it:

#FireGinaCarano #TheMandalorianMandalorian Helmet@starwars is Progression is a reflection of overcoming regressive & hatred. Gina does not represent the future. She embraces ignorance & hatred.

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It is worth noting that not everyone believes Carano should be fired. There are those who believe her political opinions have no bearing on her ability to act and fulfill her duties in The Mandalorian.  In fact, upwards of 35,000 people have “liked” her latest controversial post.

No matter where you stand on the “Fire Gina Carano” issue, it will certainly be interesting to see if Disney’s rumored streaming Cara Dune spinoff — would could include Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) — actually comes to fruition, or if the powers that be at Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company heed the calls for Carano to quietly disappear from Star Wars canon.

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