Comments for ‘Mandalorian’ Actress Starts More Controversy, Fans Once Again Call For Firing

cara dune

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. it's time to cancel cancel culture

    People literally can’t function in society if you get offended by everything. SO WHAT
    She has an opinion and the people against her have their opinion but just because you have opposing views DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO TELL ANYONE TO FIRE HER
    Cancel culture is becoming a plague upon society and it needs to stop

    1. Christopher Piasecky

      I could not have said it better.
      Cancel Cancel Culture.

      1. Pete

        The only thing that needs to be canceled are all the woke losers trying to rob us of our freedom of speech.

        1. william

          couldnt of said it better Pete…

          1. Mike

            Disney is a private company so they can fire her for what she says. It’s not a “freedom of speech” issue. She can say whatever she would like without being arrested, but she is not guaranteed a job.

        2. Paul Walker

          Freedom of speech isn’t freedom of consequence you braindead ape. Maybe learn what freedom of speech is.

      2. Mike

        The 4 tweets listed in the article have less than 20 likes combined… lol Shows how much support they have.

      3. Jake Prevatt

        I agree people are too sensitive. If it doesn’t align with there belief systems then they want them fired or cancelled…

      4. Bob

        So if you have an opinion that doesn’t match up with the Agenda being thrown around nowadays, people demand that you lose your income? Whatever happened to tolerance? Oh wait, that’s right, they’re not tolerant of opposing views which in and of itself is intolerance. At least be consistent liberals.

      5. Hayes #1>98

        In America, for an American, you do have a right to your own unique opinions on different TOPICS!!

    2. Mike

      She is using her fame to push lies, conspiracy theories, fascism, and dangerous opinions that incite right wing terrorists. She SHOULD BE FIRED AND BANNED from all public media platforms. I lived in Germany. I know what kind of evil is happening. TRUMP LOST. He was a racist, fascist, lying pos. We have the highest infection and death rates on earth due to his incompetence and lies. It is time for MORAL AMERICANS TO STAND PROUD AND SILENCE THE FILTH. PERIOD.

      1. Jordan Watson

        Shut up Mike. You know nothing but leftist talking points spoon fed to your fat head.

        1. Paul Walker

          Aww cucklord Trump f*g is triggered by honesty

      2. Gary

        Dang I hate to read such ignorant BS

      3. Bryan F Tisdale

        She is an actor. What she does off camera is her own business. As long as she is able to perform as expected she should keep her job. I think she’s doing great. I encourage her to keep it up.

      4. Pete

        Get a life you little woke loser, the only thing that needs to be canceled is you and all of your triggered profligates.

      5. Jon


      6. Jon

        It’s time for people with common sense to crush socialists like yourself, Mike.

        1. Manny

          Wow crush socialist. Under your jackboot? Maybe you should read the studies on replacement theory and see how your thoughts about being replaced as a non-college white is effecting your overall world view. Just a suggestion.

      7. Brian Smith

        Check your stats with WHO. They infections are below most of Europe based on the number of people tested and the percentage of covid deaths are .23% of infection in America. Those are still big numbers and not trying to take away the seriousness of it, but you are spreading panic and lies just like trump.

      8. Bob Vance

        You’re a moron. You should be cancelled

        1. Tiboribor

          No one should be forced to take any vaccine for any reason especially if it requires -70° F storage then it doesn’t belong in our bodies. That would validate Agenda 21 and other “conspiracy theories”.
          The media is already trying to shame people into taking it which makes me believe it’s part of a globalist agenda just like the “election”. No thanks, let the blind sheep be the guinea pigs as well and see what happens. I’ll check back in a couple years or so.
          This is still America right?

      9. Mike G

        You don’t agree with her so you want her fired…. well I don’t agree with you so I want you fired from your job! Oh…? wait, what? You don’t have a job…. you’re a leach on society? I’m so surprised…

      10. Backcountry164

        A German who encourages voices that oppose the state to be silenced. You teach history over there right???

        1. Jay

          They leave out a little chunk from 1933 to 1945. Seriously.

      11. william

        what an idiot, people like u make me want to puke, fire her , Ban her wtf is the matter with u, you get dropped on your head as a baby? you don’t think before you open that trap of yours apparently..TRUMP 2021!!!!

      12. Motivatortom


        1. Jeff Erney

          People on here with comments of fire her are just liberal socialistjerks. Right away you disagree with someone its the end of the world. We do not need people like you in our society if your so easily butt hurt. Go cry to mommy.

      13. Jeff

        We do not need snowflake like you in our society. People like you when you don’t get your own way resort to being a hateful bully. Go catch the virus.

      14. ChrisxL

        Well said Mike!! Teach!!

      15. Eugene Kapinos

        Mike I think your show of leftist intolerance is absolutely admirable. I think President elect Quid Pro Quo China Joe should give you a post as his lies and intolerance Czar.
        If you are a Chinese bot or Hacker I apologize. I understand you just do your part to destroy USA

      16. We also have one of the most populis country. A brain dead person like yourself might buy other countries lies about their infection rates and deaths. If you so believe in your cancel culture cause then quit hiding behind your keyboard and let yourself be known cowards.

    3. Brian hobson

      Well said

    4. Don

      Exactly. If no one can have an opinion that is different from the SJW what have we come to. Her acting is not affected in the least

    5. Christopher Goins

      Exactly. Those on the far left can’t stand anyone have an opinion different from theirs. The have always used fear and intimidation to push back against their opponents.

      1. Marc Fischer

        There is no such thing as far left.. Another facist tactic that has been implanted in your heads. Read”How Facism Work” By Jason Stanley. Parents escaped Nazi Germany in 1939 when he was 6 and dedicated his life to understanding propaganda and facism. Reading this thread really tells me that a lot of ppl have bought into these facist tactics.

    6. LLauriexT

      I only knew her character in the M series, but sounds like she’s just as strong minded in person. Libs love freedom of speech … until you offer a differing view. Hopefully Disney will not knowhow to these complainers… there are more of us who like her.

    7. Marc

      Dude, her comments resemble that of what facist say. The very thing Lucas was trying to warn young ppl about entering adulthood. So sick of ppl hiding behind the “it’s an opinion” line when this is a deliberate attempt to creat uncertainty in an election with no proof. Undermining scientific evidence surrounding masks and covid. Goes even further to make fun of pronouns. This is what facist tactics look like. Just stop the ba about it’s an opinion. Propaganda is it an opinion.

    8. Marc

      Dude, her comments resemble that of what facist say. The very thing Lucas was trying to warn young ppl about entering adulthood when making sw. So sick of ppl hiding behind the “it’s an opinion” line when this is a deliberate attempt to creat uncertainty in an election with no proof. Undermining scientific evidence surrounding masks and covid. Goes even further to make fun of pronouns. This is what facist tactics look like. Just stop the bs about “it’s an opinion”. Propaganda is not an opinion. Its manipulation. If you dont see this as a problem, than you don’t understand star wars.

    9. Marc

      Dude, her comments resemble that of what facist say. The very thing George was trying to warn young ppl about entering adulthood when he made Star Wars. Frustrates the hell out of me that ppl through around “it’s an opinion” like some shield that is supposed to protect you from all consequences. This is a deliberate attempt to create mistrust and division surrounding the election with zero proof. She is undermining scientific evidence surrounding masks and covid. Goes even further down the facist hole by making fun of pronouns. These are all tactics of a facist movement. The bs surrounding that this is “just an opinion” is another facist tactic designed to allow ppl to spread their propaganda with zero consequences. Propaganda is not an opinion. It’s manipulation. If you don’t see this as a problem than you didn’t/don’t understand Star Wars. Read “How Facism Works” by Jason Stanley to help catch you up to speed on what is happening around the world. Facism is on the rise. That is not a good thing.

    10. ChrisxL

      There is a different between opinion and flat out lies, mistruths, and propaganda. This woman is dangerous, and will cost the lives of many people who choose to follow such ignorance. I also don’t appreciate her delegitimizing the vote of my community. We have suffered for centuries in this country by her type of thinking. I enjoyed her character, but there are thousands of badass women actors out there that can fill her part.

    11. Elg

      The people that are calling for Gina’s firing need to grow up and move on.
      If they don’t like her politics, stay off of her page. Don’t want to watch her, find something else to watch.
      As far as demanding to have say about who is cast in the Mandalorian and other Star Wars production, your pockets aren’t deep enough and you don’t own the entertainment business. Go get counseling and become real normal well adjusted ADULTS, instead of whining, sniveling little brat bullies. You don’t speak for EVERYONE.
      You have become mentally ill basement nerds.

    12. JEFF REED

      Totally agree
      Opinions is an act of freedom

  2. Keith

    What part of freedom of speech don’t you “cancel culture” little snowflakes understand?

    1. Burke

      Here’s a part many don’t understand:
      Freedom of speech protects you from government reprisal, not from being called out by other citizens for saying something dumb.

      That’s what happens when you just read the cover and not the book inside.

      At first, I was supportive of them keeping her on the show, people can have their opinions. But to continue to stoke the flames seems like a terrible career choice.

      1. KinWA

        BS she is only “stoking if you assume she should change her views. I disagree with her but damned if she or Disney should change creative content for a mob.

      2. Backcountry164

        You can support someone’s freedom to speech even if the law doesn’t require you to… duh

    2. T

      It isn’t “cancel culture”, it’s “holding her accountable for her actions and words”.

      Freedom of speech means you can speak out against your government without repercussion, “Keith”. It doesn’t mean you can say what you want without facing any consequences. Grow up.

      1. D

        Awww “T” did her words hurt you. Poor “T”, everyone “T” hurt let’s all get him to a safe space.

        1. Adan Gonzalez

          I agree that everyone has a right to free speech and we need to those rights but that said I can’t ignore comments that belittle the suffering my family has suffered from Covid. She can say whatever she wants but I don’t need to support her with my dollars or viewership.

        2. Mike

          I see you’re still crying about trumps loss. Sounds like you need the safe place.

      2. bruh

        but what she said doesn’t need any consequences
        It’s called having a opinion so get that through your small minded brain of yours

        1. Ak

          Leave her alone. Is this America or not? Freedom of speech or no? She ain’t breaking laws to hurt someone’s fragile feelings.

      3. Paul

        It IS cancel culture. Freedom of Speech means we are all allowed to have our own opinions and that we are allowed to express them in ways that do not hurt others. Speaking your opinion doesn’t harm people with opposing views. Canceling their livelihood because your opinion is different does hurt someone. Rioting, looting, physically harming someone, etc just because you disagree is not what is meant by freedom of speech. All of these people that get their feelings hurt by someone expressing a differing opinion are the ones that need to grow up and learn to listen to others, learn why they have that opinion, and then either decide to agree or decide that you still disagree. In the end, both parties can grow from listening even if they do not change their opinion.

      4. Craig Miller

        Sthu..people can say wth they want! You don’t like it don’t support the show. But to rally other to feel the way you do is a c0ck move..prr

    3. MAtt

      LOL snowflake is literally the dumbest thing right wing nutjobs say that they think sounds hurtful. Makes me laugh every time

      1. DJ

        You must be a mellenial because you don’t seem to remember the book “snowflake” is from

      2. Dj

        You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.

        1. Matt

          So you are saying that you are a grumpy old man that trolls disney news comments to say how young woke people suck? wow cool. I bet your cats have a lot of nice stuff to say about you tho!!!

      3. LiberalismSmellsLikePoop

        Snowflake isn’t designed to hurt anyone’s feelings, stupedo. It is a literally another way to call you for what you are. A crybaby.

    4. Mike

      You’re the snowflake – TRUMP LOST. Suck it up. She is using her ‘position’ to push Right wing conspiracy theories and lies. The public has EVERY RIGHT to demand her to be held accountable for pushing HATE. Trump & his deranged brainwashed cult was and is the single greatest threat to America in history. It’s time TRUE PATRIOTS STAND UP TO STOP THE FILTH. As a retired combat veteran- I’ve lived in Germany. I’ve seen this evil first hand. I’ll be damned if I’ll let my nation go down this road. FIRE HER. BAN HER FROM ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. That is FREE SPEECH. Disney is a CORPORATION. It is accountable to stockholders and the public, not right wing extremists.

      1. Liz

        Rating are up, so she must be doing something right.

      2. David Simpson

        How old are you? “I served in Germany.” What evil did you see? I’m a 3rd generation Airborne Infantrymanveteran as well, and I served to protect American citizens and their rights. Even the unpopular ones. I want you to kneel for the national anthem, I want to hear and read things that challenge me, and my thought process. I’m not going to alter my grammar to appease SJWs. Is the virus and election stuff that she posted stupid? Yes. Are you smart enough to know better, and make your own decisions? Iife can be tough HTFU

      3. Bill

        You’re an idiot. When you were in Germany did you by any chance travel east of Berlin and see the effects of socialism on the people and infrastructure? I did and as A COMBAT VETERAN! (See I can toot my own horn and use caps to “seem” important too you simp) I refuse to allow my company to go down THAT road. You’re a two faced piece of UnAmerican commie garbage if you say Disney.should fire her and.support.the nfl players kneeling!

    5. Alls


    6. JasonJ

      Lies and misinformation are not protected by freedom of speech. Funny how the ones screaming “Muh Rights!” Don’t actually read up on them.

  3. Taran

    Just because you don’t agree with what she is saying doesn’t mean she should lose her job. Everyone has the right to their own belief.

  4. J.

    I’d say if Josh Gad, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans (should I continue?), are all allowed to exercise their freedom of speech regarding political topics on their personal social media without Disney deciding to fire them over it, she should be fine. If not? Wow, the hypocrisy would be amazing.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      I’d say if Colin Kaepernick is allowed to exercise his freedom of speech… oh, wait. You only go defending the speech you agree with? Wow, the hypocrisy is amazing.

      1. J.

        Wow, way to bring something up out of left field. However, since you did…until she comes to the set and takes a knee as the camera starts rolling on a scene in order to protest one thing or another, those two things are NOT the same. One is expressing an opinion on her own private social media, the other is taking time out of his workday to express an opinion on the clock. For example, If I were to rant on my private social media about how bra wearing is society holding my gender hostage that’s one thing. However, If I decide to protest underwires and lycra by showing up to my office and trying to work my job topless, this is not on my own time and my boss fully has the right to tell me that I need to do that on my own hours.

        1. Daddy Piranha

          Ah, so your objection isn’t philosophical, it’s that he exercised his free speech while on the clock? Well, he wasn’t actually playing at the time and it didn’t interfere with his ability to throw a ball, but go off, I guess.
          I mean, with your position, I guess you denounced Trump when he called on Debra Messing to be fired from her show on NBC for her Tweets? Or when Trump tried to shut down social media companies when they posted that the elections weren’t rigged? Or when Trump tried to get Paul Krugman fired because of his Tweets? Or…
          You know what? You’re blinded by ideology and probably can’t give a honest answer about any of this without making yourself look comically hypocritical. You don’t care actually about “cancel culture”; you just object when it is applied to viewpoints you agree with.

          1. J.

            Hmm, looks like you seem to be the one going off, but ok… Again, I didn’t bring up Kaepernick, you did. He may not have been throwing a ball at the time, but he was in view of the public as the game began causing a needless distraction. If his employers want him to stay focused on gameday, they can tell him he needs to leave that kind of thing to his private time. You have a job don’t you? I would assume you understand that when you are on company time you are expected to conform to your employer’s code of conduct. As to Trump’s tweets: I don’t follow him and have no idea what you are talking about. If he called for Miss Messing to be fired for comments she made on her own social media, that would be wrong just as surely as it would be wrong for Miss Carano to be fired. (the same for Mr. Krugman’s comments if they also were made on his private platform) As to blasting social media platforms, again, not aware of a specific comment as I’m not particularly interested to hear what the guy has to say on Twitter. There have been some fairly egregious examples of politically driven censorship on various social media platforms, but obviously if the problem is silencing people’s voices, shutting down the platforms would be a pretty contradictory move. Have I addressed all your concerns? Considering you know nothing about me, that’s a pretty broad brush you are painting with.

      2. KinWA

        If she puts on a MAGA hat during filming so it shows up on camera or costs them money to CGI it out you have a point.

      3. Bill

        You realize you just agreed with everything he said, right?

  5. KJ

    having your own opinion only applies to the democrats and cancel culture.

    1. D

      Bingo! If your opinion doesn’t fall in line with them, CANCEL!

      1. B

        I agree. Seems to be how democrats work recently.

  6. Traci

    WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!!! She can have an opinion if she wishes, just the way you cry babies have an opinion. I stand with her!!!! WE HAVE BECOME OF NATION OF CRY BABIES, GROW A PAIR!!!!

  7. Gjd

    Everyone has their own opinion of issues, whether you like them or not. If you don’t like what people post on Twitter, don’t subscribe to it.

  8. R

    I saw this same thing she posted and almost posted it to. Should I lose my job? What about all the other Disney actors who constantly post their opinions. They should be fired too. Everyone should be fired for vocalizing their opinion. Then what will we do. No one is working. No taxes will be raised to pay for all the free stuff that dems want to give away.

  9. Matt

    Sure, you can have your own opinion, but when there’s is no factual base behind what you spew out your mouth, people can call you out for sounding like an idiot. Like for all the people saying Trump won by a landslide LOL. Where are the facts, mama?

  10. Michael

    Really easy to identify the Gen Z morons on this thread. BTW, “snowflake” is so over now. Learn a new insult already.

    1. Alex

      As long as snowflakes like you continue to exist, I don’t think the term will be going away any time soon.

  11. Chris

    She should be allowed to express her opinion. If you don’t like her opinion than be an adult and stop following her. Honestly As a someone who monitors COVID for the Government in my area, more people are dead from suicide, drug overdoses, and alcohol than COVID. An this vaccine really isn’t a vaccine, but a flu shot that is only good for about 10-12 months so as COVID mutates to survive (like the flu) we will all be doing it again in a year. Remember every medication given has a positive and negative effect. Tylenol leaves spots and damage on the liver for example and if you take too much it can kill you. I will not be taking the COVID shot until the last possible second so I can truly see what the side-effects are. Storage is also very tricky since it needs to be bellow O* and looses it’s effectiveness quickly when it starts to warm up. Do you really trust the 15$ an hour tech at CVS?

    1. Deplorable77

      I’m so tired of seeing these articles that always say “the Mandalorian fans are calling for her firing”. As if all Mandalorian fans feel the same way. I am a Mandalorian fan and I don’t give a sh*t what she says on her personal time. I bet there are plenty of fans who agree with her. Just because you are offended at something, doesn’t make you right.

    2. KinWA

      If she puts on a MAGA hat during filming so it shows up on camera or costs them money to CGI it out you have a point.

    3. KinWA

      OK let’s deal with some facts here the covid vaccine is not a frlu shot it is a covid shot we don’t know how long the effect will last but I can tell you that the coronavirus types of virus have a proof checking mechanism Built-in that literally keeps them from major mutations unlike the flu viruses so stop spreading stuff you don’t know what you talking about OK


        Ok let’s just check your ‘facts’. Fact is that NOBODY knows how much immunity a vaccine will give you. Fact is that the virus has ALREADY mutated. You might want to check what’s happening in London where that virus you wrongly stated doesn’t mutate has exactly done that.

  12. I m taking no vaccine that has been animal tested. Save lives or not no animal is going to suffer to save me. Just because someone has to have their own say? Doesn’t mean we have to sack them from a TV show. we should all be allowed to speak” our views isn’t America the land of the free.


  13. Shannon Williams

    Love how TOLERANT hollywood is. Hypocrites at their finest

    1. Mike

      You’re a hypocrite for not showing tolerance. Technically she is HOLLYWOOD – so a ‘HOLLYWOOD person’ is pushing right wing lies, conspiracy theories, and hateful comments. SHE is inciting right wing terrorists. The ELECTION IS OVER. Trump lost. SUCK IT UP SNOWFLAKE.


    You know it’s funny how all of these sites reporting on this keep saying fans are furious over Gina Carano’s comments and are demanding she be fired yet when you read the comments everywhere almost NOBODY actually feels that way over what she has said. So, here’s an idea. Instead of these sites doing these erroneous reports how about they start just doing a poll asking how many people actually care. When the results come in well over 90% for people who like her character and want her to stay on the show maybe they’ll quit tryi to appease an incredibly small minority of entitled cancel nazis.

  15. Anonymous

    Wow, these cancel culture people need to get a life.

  16. Jay

    Idiots on the left; morons on the right; here’s the scoop for those of us in the center:

    Nobody should be forced to take the vaccine; anyone with common sense should voluntarily take it if available.

    Think it through, for those few idiots and morons here who are able to think unemotionally. Even if the vaccine proves only 50% effective, that will cut the Covid infection rate in half; if the infection rate is cut in half, significantly less people will then be spreading it, reducing it further. Duh!

    An added benefit to that scenario: those who opt not to take the shots will be more prone to catching the Covid infection (like those well-known political dopes who ignored early warnings not to congregate without wearing masks ended up hospitalized)

    1. Backcountry164

      You know, for someone who claims to exclude emotion from their thought process, you sure do toss out a lot of insults. It’s almost as if you’re only pretending to be better than the people you’re chastising…

    2. Vaccines Save Lives

      The problem is, those who opt-out are not just putting themselves at risk. They put those who are unable to receive vaccinations-due to medical condition or age-at risk as well. Herd immunity-actual herd immunity, not the BS co-opted by right wing idiots-requires a critical mass of people to be vaccinated to protect those who cannot.

      This is not just a personal responsibility issue, this is a public health issue. I support compulsory vaccination.

      1. Not taking covid vaccine for 4 years at least

        I will not take this vaccine til i can say with pure confidence it feels safe to take.
        I get really bad allergic reactions to vaccines and those are from vaccines I know are safe because they have been around for years to work out issues so the worst side effects I can see I know I won’t be too affected with them and this is a brand new vaccine I don’t feel comfortable and when I see on the news that they are mandating vaccines in states like new york (which is unconstitutional btw) it scares me that if i have to take a vaccine to protect me from going to the emergency room cause of covid, I may still have to because of the allergic reactions.

        1. Kougaji Sciacallo

          If you have allergic reactions… You are one of those who should be protected by herd immunity.

  17. I have two things to say one she is entitled to her first amendment rights that includes her expressing her opinion. 2nd thing is last I looked this is still America so when does someone with a liberal political opinion rate a higher right to be heard than someone with a Conservative opinion, the answer is never given it is a proven fact in my opinion that Conservatives are far more intelligent than liberals no matter the subject expect for maybe drug and alcohol usage which just lends greater weight to my point that liberals should really be ignored in all matters of importance.

  18. aflynn

    I think I hate the way they use the word ” fans ” are calling for her dismissal. When in actuality these are special interest groups that cannot separate political opinions from art. It is ridiculous that we allow this to continue she is not broken any laws she just hurt someone’s feelings and expressed an opinion that didn’t flow with someone else’s. She has done a great job with that character and should continue to do so.

  19. Dem

    Whole bunch of nobody’s calling for her dismissal, most of us don’t care about their freaking opinions. Gina makes The Mandolorian better. That’s all I care about!

  20. Chaz

    Its unfortunate that so many people cannot separate the work someone does from the people that they are. If she is a horrible actress or drowns puppies then get rid of her. Calling for her firing because you dont agree with her personally…narrow minded and stupid

  21. Bill

    What a bunch of typically progressive leftists cunts. Lol at the useful idiots in the comments too. “Free speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences”. The Nazis would be proud.

  22. Eric

    Last time I checked we live in a free country with freedom of speech. Pretty sure penalizing anyone for freedom of speech is violation of our constitutional rights as citizens of this country.

    I call for everyone suppressing her rights to be tried as the traitors they are. Every last one of them.

    1. Backcountry164

      Well I’m 100% sure that you’re wrong. Only the government is forbidden from penalizing people for what they say. The Bill of Rights is literally a list of things that the GOVERNMENT can’t do. It’s available online for anyone who actually wants to educate themselves about their rights. Because spewing nonsense doesn’t support your position, educate yourself if you want your opinion to be taken seriously…

  23. Briall

    What “fans” are calling for this? She has an opinion…has zip to do with her onscreen persona….get over it and grow up

  24. dotsne

    this “reporter” trying to amplify these cancelers is trash.

  25. jeton ademaj

    you do not represent Fandom…Twitter doesn’t either Disney will die off by obeying the Woke.

  26. Eric

    Gina is a real life bad ass woman. I think she is great in the show. I dont care about her opinions and I dont care about yours.

  27. KinWA

    I disagree with her. Heck if I only watched stuff with people I agreed with I could cancel cable and sell the TV.
    But the infantile need to destroy all those not part of your sheep herd is scary

  28. Eric

    It makes me feel better to read the comments to see that there are people out there who have common sence and see through this stuff. Its getting really old reading these headlines. Mark Hammel says all kinds of stuff on Twitter and no one removes him as luke or even brings it up. I guess these people agree with him so its free speech. This whole group asking for acceptance and tolerance doesn’t want equality. They want what they want and anyone who doesn’t agree should be silenced and cancled. I enjoy watching this show and many others. I could give 2 sh*ts what these people do at home or what they think. Equality means we all get a voice, we all get to be heard and if we listen and keep our minds open we’ll become smarter and better for it. You will never truly know how you feel about something or who you are as a person if you just silence anyone that doesn’t agree with you. That leads to oppression and I’m pretty sure you all said you don’t like that.

  29. Mike

    Cancel culture is code for right wing snowflakes who can’t handle free speech and free enterprise. If she wants to use her Hollywood fame, to push lies, conspiracy theories, fascism, and hate, the public has the right to protest and Disney has the right to do what is in its best interest for its profit and shareholders. Trump lost. Period. Over 50 court cases, the Supreme Court, and several recounts have confirmed it. Pushing lies and conspiracy theories only invites right wing terrorists. Trump and his bra cult are the single greatest threat to America in history. They are EVIL. True American PATRIOTS STAND UP TO STOP THE FILTH. I AM A RETIRED COMBAT VETERAN- I’ve seen this in Germany. I know evil. Trump and the sheep following him are DANGEROUS. It MUST BE STOPPED NOW. THIS IS THE WAY. Suck it up snowflakes. Biden will be president in a few short weeks. God Bless America.

    1. G

      You made one good point, then followed it up with a bunch of inflammatory rhetoric. How can you not see that you are part of the problem? The single greatest threat to our country is people like YOU on BOTH SIDES of the argument. You state your opinion and immediately insult and dehumanize anyone who disagrees. If you’ve learned anything from Germany, it should be what happens when any part of the population is portrayed as less than human. The internet has allowed people like you to voice ridiculous nonsense like a child throwing a tantrum. It is time the adults in this country stand up and say “ENOUGH”!

    2. Backcountry164

      The guy who supports the silencing of opinions thinks other people are dangerous!! Too funny!! At least you minimize the danger you represent by making a joke of yourself…

    3. william

      we’ll see whos crying a few months after that Diddler Biden takes over mike lol ,on the subject of carano, she should be allowed to say anything she damn well pleases..its the Libtards who want the free speech gone and control over YOU..fk them

      1. Marc

        You guys commenting on Mike need to read “How facism works” . Your responses to Mike show me that you guys have already bought into the facist tactics and can’t even see it. incredibly sad to say the least. If you don’t see a problem with Gina’s comments and how they relate to facism, then you didn’t understand Star Wars.

  30. Monk

    Her page, not yours. Don’t like it? Scroll past or unfollow. Plain and simple

  31. M

    Anyone ever see dogs humping in a park? Kinda uncomfortable so ya just look away. Right? THATS YOUR FREEDOM. Just look away hypersensitive snowflakes. Ignore her. You have no right to silence an opposing view. Free speech is there to PROTECT language you don’t like.

  32. Mike

    All these right wing sheep throw tantrums if an actor criticizes Trump. Starbucks got ruthlessly attacked for its red Holiday cups last year solely because they didn’t say Merry Christmas. What happened to the Dixie Chicks career after they protested the Iraq war (which now everyone realizes was a lie)? How about a certain football player who simply kneeled during the National Anthem (a protest suggested to him by a FORMER NAVY SEAL – and which had been done by others in the past)?
    Right wingers ONLY want people to say what THEY want to hear. She is pushing lies, hate, and dangerous conspiracy theories. All of which inspire right wing terrorists. The election is OVER. Trump lost- not just once either. Trump lost every recount. Every court case (50 or so cases mind you). The Supreme Court – which he stacked – has ignored him. Many judges literally laughed Rudy out of the room. Meanwhile, right wingers send armed terrorists and death threats to intimidate and threaten election officials and even plotted to kidnap a governor. It’s SICK. It’s VILE. The public HAS EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND Disney to fire her. It does not fit within their brand to have a lead character pushing hate.
    She should go back to her steroids and wrestling. Suck it up SNOWFLAKEs. TRUMP LOST. He is a racist fascist veteran insulting pos. As a retired combat veteran, I’m proud to stand against the profound evil of this cult of stupid.

    1. Backcountry164

      “The public” ROTFLMAO!! This is the funniest part of it all. You few loons actually believe that you represent “the public” when in reality “the public” can all easily see that you’re every bit as bad as the people that you live to cry and whine about. People literally laugh out loud when they read posts like yours!

      1. Donald R Barber

        The public is everyone. The public is you and me. You have every right to support her and laugh at SJWs. Others have every right to disagree with what she says and speak out to be heard.
        Demanding she be fired is also just an opinion unless the person demanding it is her employer. Or unless the person making the demand threatens some sort of violence.
        She became an actress on a series that she knew would increase her visibility dramatically. She has chosen to make use of that visibility to spread opinions. She doesn’t have to connect the posts with her public persona but she chose to do that as well.
        If she didn’t know she was courting backlash, she’s too stupid to use social media.

  33. John Manly

    God f@#king forgive if someone has an opinion. Mandalorian fans sound more like the New Order more and more.

  34. Derek

    What a bunch of thin skinned pussies. The same people who put “#Resist” in their bios lie down and surrender their rights without so much as a fight when they are told to, and can’t stand real resistance when they see it.

    Go right ahead and take that vaccine. Sheep gonna sheep.

  35. Tracy

    She has the right to her opinions. Fans have the right to dislike those opinions and call for her dismissal. Disney then has a right to either act on it or not. Either way they’ll have to deal with the subsequent fallout. This isn’t cancel culture (which is a ridiculous term), it’s capitalism.

  36. Tracy

    She has the right to her opinions. Fans have the right to dislike those opinions and call for her dismissal. Disney then has a right to either do something about it, or not. Either way they’ll have to deal with the subsequent fallout. This isn’t cancel culture (which is a ridiculous term), it’s capitalism.

  37. Jon

    Keep it up, Gina. Love watching these snowflakes melt.

  38. Bob Vance

    You’re a moron. You should be cancelled

  39. backcountry164

    The author of this drivel should be ashamed of herself. She posts tweets from literal nobodies but we all know that there are also thousands of nobodies supporting Carrano. The author of this article made a conscious decision to give her audience HALF OF THE STORY. Disgusting, journalism is dead and hacks like this author are who killed it…

  40. Kevin

    So it’s okay for all other people of fame to use their platforms for their opinions but you want to hate her cause it don’t fit the narrative you want. People all about acceptance being hypocrite!

  41. Jedi Pat

    IDC what her opinion is in anything, everyone has the right to that.
    However I want her fired bc I think she is a crappy actor, very unbelievable.

  42. Rob

    Last time I checked the West had freedom of speech and it was a democracy. She is allowed to voice whatever she wants to. If people are offended get over it. There are more important things in the world than give rise to a person’s opinion or thoughts. Has she harmed anyone physically with her words. The fact people are talking about this and being offended which I find hysterical she will only wind you people up more which is exactly what I would do sit back and laugh.

  43. Bob

    Let me explain something to you morons on here. An opinion is vanilla ice cream is the best flavor. Spreading disinformation about masks and vaccines is not an opinion. And it does do harm as all the morons out there believe her. Yes she has every right to speak but Disney has every right to not want someone like her representing the brand. Words have consequences.

    1. Backcountry164

      Disney hasn’t said anything so you can stop pretending that they value your OPINION more than hers. She makes them money and has as much, if not more, support as she does opposition. Meanwhile you’re just another random nobody crying on the internet…

  44. Wayne

    It’s funny how snowflakes are moaning about her comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinions get a life you sad drops and leave her b

  45. Noobookittykcuf

    Who the F is Ben Costello? Oh some irrelevant twitterazi loser with only 500 followers getting his pantifas in a knot over misinterpreting a meme…or he did it maliciously to try and start shtt, whatever.

  46. Jeremy Whitman

    Kill a commie for mommy!

  47. Troxem

    No one should be forced to take any vaccine for any reason especially if it requires -70° F storage then it doesn’t belong in our bodies. That would validate Agenda 21 and other “conspiracy theories”.
    The media is already trying to shame people into taking it which makes me believe it’s part of a globalist agenda just like the “election”. No thanks, let the blind sheep be the guinea pigs as well and see what happens. I’ll check back in a couple years or so.
    This is still America right?

  48. Tibor

    No one should be forced to take any vaccine for any reason especially if it requires -70° F storage then it doesn’t belong in our bodies. That would validate Agenda 21 and other “conspiracy theories”.
    The media is already trying to shame people into taking it which makes me believe it’s part of a globalist agenda just like the “election”. No thanks, let the blind sheep be the guinea pigs as well and see what happens. I’ll check back in a couple years or so.
    This is still America right?

  49. Jay

    Nothing wrong with comments. There is no misinformation in stating the obvious about a vaccine no one knows anything about that is being approved before going through FDA regulated I-IV trials. Literally, millions of people out there that will not take the vaccine, and guess what… Some are liberals too. Grow up, people. She is entitled to her opinion.

  50. Martin Cardenas

    I’m tired of all of these sensitive leftists, for the last time she is an actress and does a good job on the mandalorian what does that have to do with political garbage besides I thought they supported all women??

  51. william

    she has her opinions and is free to say what she wants, wtf is all this “fire Her” BS? dont like what she says then dont follow her or read her posts. some people are ridiculous.

  52. tobor

    When you take enough steroids, it affects your brain and makes you stupid, so I take her opinions with the same grain of salt as the opinions of all the beta/incels that are triggered by scary female characters and people of color in movies they some how think were made just for them. I mean, it’s obvious your opinions only matter to other betas, lol.

  53. tobor

    When you take enough steroids, it affects your brain and makes you stupid, so I take her opinions with the same grain of salt as the opinions of all the beta/incels that are triggered by scary female characters and people of color in movies they
    some how think were made just for them. I mean, it’s obvious your opinions only matter to other betas, lol.

  54. Joseph

    What ever happened to free speech? What is going on with American? Free speech is important. Let those that feel the vaccine is safe take it. Let those that think the elect was fair say so, those that don’t say so, etc. Wake up people! Don’t you realize with all this censorship and control you re begging for fascism. You asking to be enslaved. Please wake up! Stop it!

  55. Kougaji Sciacallo

    She has every right to express her opinion… Likewise, I have every right to say that it’s stupid. That doesn’t mean she should lose her job.

  56. Robert

    I hope Disney will not support the outrageous and bigotted stance of cancel culture. Honestly her post about a mail in vaccine was funny as heck. Some people need to relax and breathe. This intolerance plain, simple snd hurtful. As a note several of my family members are in the medical field. Because of the rushed trials some of them are going to put off getting the vaccine for a month or two to be more certain of possible adverse side effects.

  57. You're all idiots

    I love the ignorant hypocrisy of all the right wing morons on here fighting tooth and nail for their right to be a douchebag. YOU ARGUE FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH BY TELLING OTHERS TO SHUT UP! Everyone who disagrees with you must be a liberal socialist. You’re only solution to everything is lies intimidation and aggression yet you are clamoring to be ruled by dictatorship where you never have to vote again. People are free to spread their stupidity like carano, people are also free to call for their cancellation. The problem is the companies who follow through with cancelling. Trump is an idiot. Joe Biden sucks. Why do you people worship such disgusting people?

  58. Edward Miller

    Dear Rebekah – Those people aren’t actually Star Wars fans. They’re bandwagoneers who jumped onboard because Star Wars became the new and popular “in thing” for them.

    They probably think Empire Strikes Back is “boring” or “wrongthink” because there aren’t manic lightsaber flips every three seconds and because there’s only two women in the entire movie.

    In short, these people are bottom feeders trying to push an agenda at the expense of storytelling and then blasting their opinions on Twitter because they know they can stir up a mob and get attention for themselves. That’s why they use all this “hashtag” baloney.

  59. Edward Miller

    Was it not Voltaire who once said “When you cut out a man’s tongue, you do not prove him a liar, only that you fear what he may say”?

    That’s what cancel culture is; the cutting of tongues.

  60. Tk

    No not all fans are wanting her fired, just a few douchbags, that don’t like her

  61. BiffBunion

    Your Header is misleading.
    These people aren’t “fans”.
    They’re activists; and as any right-minded person knows “Activism destroys art”.

    Let them rot.

  62. SCV

    Get people fired who you disagree with. #LiberalLogic

  63. Please stop writing divisive articles. Live and let live. I for one am sick and tired that everything has to be an argument. It’s just petty at this point. The meme that she posted is called irony. We trusted our elections to swing states to poorly executed mail-in voting. If you can trust your country to vote for the #1, most powerful position in the world via mail-in voting, then why not trust it for a vaccine too? It’s called irony. Also, for those calling for people like this to be canceled, what’s your overall plan for them? Ok, you canceled them now what? Are they supposed to be executed for their opinions? NO, seriously…What’s your long game here? isn’t that just creating more division on your side? You wouldn’t tell a POC to go sit at the back of the bus, but essentially that’s what you’re doing here by calling for her head on a platter. Tolerance is the acceptance of others’ opinions, it doesn’t mean that you have to believe their opinions.

  64. Marc

    Dude, her comments resemble that of what facist say. The very thing Lucas was trying to warn young ppl about entering adulthood. So sick of ppl hiding behind the “it’s an opinion” line when this is a deliberate attempt to creat uncertainty in an election with no proof. Undermining scientific evidence surrounding masks and covid. Goes even further to make fun of pronouns. This is what facist tactics look like. Just stop the ba about it’s an opinion. Propaganda is it an opinion.

  65. Ken

    As much as I enjoy the show I more than likely will bail if they keep her on the show especially after her vaccine comments.

  66. ChrisxL

    There is a difference between opinion and flat out lies, mistruths, conspiracy theories and hatred. This woman (Gina Carano) is an ignorant and misinformed person who was lucky enough to get a platform to spew her lies!! Yes, fire her!!! I really enjoyed the series Mandalorian, and for her to use such a wonderful show to spew her filth is unconscionable!!!

  67. Razors edge

    Stop bantering to all the Karens in the world

  68. grumples

    Who gives a damn? Why can’t we separate the person and their work. Now I am no fan of fat Gina because she’s not a very good actor but everyone deserves the right to gainful employment.

  69. Jenn

    For sure, she gets to tweet whatever she wants. Well until she is blocked if Twitter doesn’t like it… That’s what is happening. We can agree or not-we get our freedom of speech too. But to ask for her firing? Disney’s not endorsing her opinions. She actually DOES get one as a private citizens. We put up with a lot of INANE tweets from Hollywood. They all get their say.

  70. JasonJ

    Everyone talking about freedom of speech…smh
    Lies and misinformation are not protected under the first amendment. Look it up. Though I find it funny the people who chant “Muh Rights!” haven’t taken the time to actually read up on them.

  71. Little Doggy

    If she wants to be an idiot that is her business. I have friends who are Trump supporters including people I know in the 501st. Should I demand and start a campaign to have them kicked out of the Legion? Fired from their job? She didn’t participate in the insurrection at the Capitol. You want her fired because of her political beliefs. Should Mark Hamill be band from Star Wars because some activists doesn’t like his very liberal politics? Don’t fire her.

  72. James S. Rose

    The absutdity of this whole issue is just another attempt by Darth Kennedy Minions to not have their Sith Misress termiated at Lucasfilm.

    Being up in arms over a few over someone’s opinion is now the norm inCscrl Culture’s new Fascistic America…as per the ideological framework’s Socialistic Origin.

    If it were the show’s lead actor, Pascal, spewing his Sociaist rants…te Cancel Culture Cockroacheswould be silent.

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