Minimalist Disney Tattoos That Will Have You Craving Fresh Ink

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WARNING: This article may result in you booking a Disney tattoo consultation. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you have been thinking about a new Disney tattoo, let us convince you why you should say yes to that urge!

Everyone says once you get a tattoo, you will be bitten by the tattoo bug — well, let me tell you the tattoo bug is even stronger when it is sprinkled with pixie dust. Disney tattoos are the perfect way to remind yourself of the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, or any Disney Park when you are not there. Or it’s simply a way for you to feel and be reminded the magic of Disney all the time.

Personally, I am a huge fan of cute Disney tattoos with a more minimal look. And considering I have spent countless hours on Pinterest perusing “small Disney tattoos” or “minimalistic Disney tattoos” — and then getting a few of my own — I figure I may as well share some of those inspirational photos with you! Who doesn’t want Disney characters on their body forever?

The Classic Mickey Outline

Having the classic Mickey Mouse silhouette tattoo is a must for every Disney fan. This was my first ever Disney tattoo and has brought me magic every time I look at it. With a Mickey Mouse tattoo like this one, it is important to have thin lines to create that delicate Disney tattoo look. If you are looking for a first tattoo, the Mickey Mouse shape is classic, small, and cute Disney tattoo. Plus, it only lasts for 2 minutes so the tattoo pain is minimal!

Cute Cinderella Carriage Tattoo

This small Cinderella carriage tattoo makes me hope the clock never strikes midnight. If you are looking for a Cinderella tattoo, or any Disney princess tattoo, look no further. This cute pumpkin shaped carriage tattoo is so minimal, and fits as the perfect wrist tattoo.

Again, we are looking at thin lined tattoos to create that minimal look. Personally, I know this is my next Disney tattoo.

The Perfect ‘Hakuna Matata’ Tattoo

If you want a Lion King tattoo — this minimalist tattoo has you covered. With perfect lines, and a type writer font, this simple Disney outline tattoo has personality, but even with Simba, Timon, and Pumba, is still has a simple tattoo look.

Caption: Tattoo Filter

Water Color Tattoos

Water color tattoos are so beautiful, and they are even better when they are Disney themed! This Ariel tattoo is perfect for any Little Mermaid fan, and adds a little more detail that to an Ariel outline tattoo.

The water color shading is so simple, so if you usually get black and white tattoos and want to try your hand at color — this could be some tattoo inspiration for you, while keeping it minimal.

Credit: Tattoo Filter

Tinkerbell Silhouette Tattoo

ITM Senior Editor Kelly Coffey has a few Disney tattoos, and they are all perfect for Disney lovers. If you wanted a Peter Pan tattoo, why not keep it simple with Tink’s perfect outline? Also the second star to the right tattoo addition is perfect to compliment this Peter Pan masterpiece.

Kelly’s Tinkerbell tattoo looks like it is hand drawn perfectly with incomplete line work, and still incorporates pixie dust and lets you wish upon at star!

Winnie The Pooh Tattoo

If you love Winnie the Pooh, this tattoo is for you!

This is my most recent tattoo, and I thought this cute little Pooh tattoo was just what I needed. It fits perfectly as an ankle tattoo and is full of detail, even though it is tiny.

Again, we are looking at thin lines and detail in the tattoo in order to create a minimal look.

Disneyland Castle Tattoo

This is my favorite Disney tattoo that I have on my body! The tattoo placement fits perfectly with the Disney castle sitting perfectly on my arm. I chose to do a simple outline tattoo based on the classic Disney castle that we see before every movie, as well as a mock the classic Disneyland castle.

Although Magic Kingdom and the Cinderella Castle are my home, I like the wider base that this version provided.

Minimailist Stitch Tattoo

Everyone loves Stitch, and when you see this version, you will want this cute Disney tattoo on you ASAP. With a simple Stitch outline this tattoo give us all the Stitch vibes while staying minimal and cute.

Ohana means family, and family means no one get’s left behind, so maybe that means this is the perfect family tattoo idea?! Or at least one that your family can love to see on you.

Credit: Tattoo Filter

Floral Mickey Mouse Tattoo

This floral tattoo turned Disney makes me want to book my next tattoo appointment now! With the pastel Disney tattoo colors in a Mickey Mouse shape, this is the perfect tattoo for any Disney princess. If you love floral tattoos and Disney tattoos, this look is perfect for you. Plus, it is perfect for the back of the neck!

Credit: Tattoodo

Peter Pan Silhouette Tattoo

We covered Tinkerbell, but check out this filled in Peter Pan outline tattoo. You can fly right into the film, with this tattoo. It looks like a perfect Disney finger tattoo, and I think its would look great right behind the ear as well.


Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

If you love Beauty and the Beast, the classic minimal rose tattoo is a no brainer. I got this tattoo to show my love for Belle, but this detailed and delicate rose tattoo is a subtle nod to the film while being an incredibly detailed tattoo.

Credit: Popsugar

Disney Semi-Colon Tattoo

If you love the idea of the semi-colon tattoo, why not make it Disney. This small tattoo is minimal, but has a big meaning. With a little addition of the 2 Mickey ears, you instantly add some magic to it!

Credit: Kelly Coffey | ITM

All of these cute dainty Disney tattoos probably have you itching to get a new tattoo. And if you want something a little bigger and more colorful – the ITM staff has you covered.

Disneyland x Star Wars Tattoo

ITM reporter and editor Rebekah Winters Barton has some fantastic Disney tattoos. This one is a Star Wars tattoo as well as a Disney castle tattoo that Rebekah’s tattoo artist custom made for her. This Disney color tattoo gives us World of Color vibes tied together with the Force and we love it.

Next, we need to see Rebekah get a Baby Yoda tattoo. Comment below if you agree!

Credit: Rebekah Winters Barton | ITM

Beauty and the Beast Couple Tattoo

If you and your partner love Disney, and Disney couple tattoo could be perfect for you. Rebekah has a Beauty and the Beast inspired tattoo that has us looking for our Disney lover! She and her husband have matching tattoos, and with a nod to Belle’s blue dress, this is an easter egg matching tattoo we can’t stop starting at.

Credit: Rebekah Winters Barton | ITM

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

This subtle Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo is perfect for Jack Skellington lovers. The Deadly Nightshade poison is a nod to the film and we love the colorful detail this tattoo has.

Halloween tattoo ideas are perfect – especially Disney ones. Maybe a Hocus Pocus tattoo idea could be fun too!

Credit: Monique Reynoso | ITM

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Alright Disney folks, if you still don’t want to get a new Disney tattoo, then you are stronger than me, because I made an appointment for the tattoo shop half way though writing this. If you have been wanting a delicate and dainty Disney tattoo, these will be perfect for you! Minimal Disney tattoos are always my go-to, so I hope this was some tattoo inspiration if you are thinking about getting some Disney ink in the future.

What Disney tattoo do you want next?


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