Get Some Disney Ink at Home With These Real Looking Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary Disney Tattoos

Credit: Inkbox

Show your Disney love with these adorable, and real-looking, temporary tattoos! Inkbox, the online temporary tattoo store, has an entire line of Disney-inspired choices and we can’t pick just one favorite. The good news is these only last one to two weeks, so you can change your mind often while showing off whichever Disney design is inspiring you at the moment.

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Here are some of our favorites:

Inkbox Temporary Tatoos
Credit: Inkbox

The Peter Pan-inspired design is called Darlings and retails for $17. Want to show your #DisneySide with a classic Mickey and Minney silhouette? The Iwerks design is the way to go! This one retails $14. The last design on the right is that classic ear hat called Walter. We love that it’s small but it still makes that Disney statement!

They also carry some fun Star Wars designs if you want to show your love for the galaxy far far away! The force is strong with that Finn design! Or travel to the second star to the right and straight on till morning with the Neverland design.

Inkbox Temporary Tatoos
Credit: Inkbox

Thinking about getting a permanent tattoo? This is a great way to try one out to see if you really love the idea. You can live with it for two weeks and if you still love it after those 14-days, go get inked permanently. That way you won’t have to regret something that is permanent later.

The company also offers custom designs. So, if you don’t see one you love, you can use the site’s design option. It allows you to upload your own design or use their tools to create something that’s uniquely you!

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Check out the video so you see how they work!

Do you have a Disney tattoo already? Or is this the perfect product to try one on without that permanent commitment? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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