21 Disney-Inspired Tattoos That Will Make You Want to ‘Ink and Paint’ Yourself

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Disney-inspired tattoos

Disney fans are passionate about their love for the company that Walt built. Many have incredible collections, photographs and even entire rooms dedicated to various Disney franchise.

Disney-inspired tattoos are one way many enthusiasts express their enjoyment of Disney entertainment. These wonderful works of art come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Gathered below is a collection of 21 mousterpieces of inked inspiration.

“Star Wars” is a popular topic to show one’s support for the Empire or the Rebel Alliance

1. Princess Leia feeds the stolen Death Star Plans into R2-D2.

2. Boba Fett seems to have found a preferred bounty.

3. Troopers of the New Order are well represented.

4. It made the Kessel Run in record time and is now proudly displayed.

5. Darth Vader shows up well in front of the Galactic Empire’s seal.

Disney Cartoons provide a colorful and wide variety of tattoo topics.

6. Snow White is back in this amazing and colorful creation.

7. Mad props for Alice and her friends in Wonderland, giving this image life.

8. Goofy, Minnie, Mickey and Donald in front of Cinderella’s Castle clearly call out this Disney fan.

9. Friendship takes center stage in this “Toy Story” inspired tattoo.

10. There’s no mistaking who owns this ink.

11. Belle shows her love for Beast in a tattoo within a tattoo.

12. Several Disney fairy tales get a leg up with this creative collage.

13. Donald Duck gives color to this Navy-themed collection of ink.

14. Mickey Mouse waves hello in this Disney tribute.

Disney’s darker side is called up to inspire these creepy cool designs

15. This is one apple you won’t want to sink your teeth into.

16. Ariel may not feel so lively here.

17. Snow White seems a bit off, too.

18. Looks these three won’t need to hitchhike anymore.

19. Maleficent makes a magical appearance above the castle.

20. Ursula dances her way around this fan’s arm.

Even celebrities are getting Disney-inspired ink

21. Recently, “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner and her fiance Joe Jonas got matching “Toy Story” tattoos from New York City tattoo artist Mr. K. “To infinity & beyond,” written by a tiny rocket ship, is scrolled across their wrists in an elaborate cursive font.

Like the colors of the rainbow, these magical works of art showcase the passion inspired by the magic of Disney entertainment. There’s even a Facebook page where fans showcase their tattoos!

Itchin’ to get inked? Well, you’re in luck! Spooky Empire is just around the corner. Taking place the last weekend in October this creepy cool convention features a Tattoo Track as part of the weekend’s wicked fun. There’s even a tattoo of the day contest. Dig up the details on their website.

Do you sport a Disney-inspired tattoo?  What tattoos do you have or do you plan on getting? Please share in the comments below.

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