How Are Disney Parks Successful While People Cut Out Other Luxuries?

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This pandemic has touched the lives of nearly everyone on the globe in small or big ways. But for many American’s, it has meant that we have given up on some of the luxuries of life. Somehow, while Americans continue to economize, Disney is still seeing fully booked days at its theme parks.

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As we know the American economy has been hit very hard by the ongoing pandemic, yet somehow we still find the extra cash to splurge on a special trip to Walt Disney World. Why is that?

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Giving Up Small Luxuries, But Still Going to Disney World?

Recently the New York Times published an article titled, “Is This the End of the Manicure?” They explored the idea that during the pandemic, women are giving up on going to get a manicure — a luxury that is being let go due to the lack of desire driven by a prolonged lockdown.

However, it was commonplace to go without haircuts and manicures as lockdowns went on for months, and now in some places, lockdown orders are being issued once again. It could be that people have discovered the little luxuries that they can live without now that the purse strings are a little tighter.

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But a Disney World vacation is not a “little luxury” — it is a big expense for those wishing to enjoy the magic of the parks. We are not here to justify the cost. Instead, we want to talk about why Americans just can’t give up on Disney, even during the financial hardships caused by the pandemic.

That is an easy answer.

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For most of us, Disney stands for as eternal optimism, escapism, nostalgia, and family. While your daily life might be more difficult due to the ongoing pandemic, at Walt Disney World specifically, you can always count on Cinderella Castle to be shining in the Orlando sun to greet you when you enter Magic Kingdom.

Disney as a Place of Relaxation

Maybe you are an essential worker and have experienced an increase in work hours. But when you are able to take that vacation to Disney you know you will have incredible customer service and can take a step back to relax.

Disney resorts are absolutely beautiful. They are each individually and highly themed and offer amenities such a signature dining and over-the-top themed pools. They are a perfect place for ultimate relaxation, escapism, fabulous food, and a chance to make lasting memories.

Walt Disney World is an expansive property that includes four theme parks, two water parks (currently not open), and dozens of resort hotels. Disney even offers its guests free transportation to anywhere in Walt Disney World via bus, boat, monorail, or even Skyliner! That means staying at Walt Disney World can begin to feel like a “bubble” where everything you could want or need is offered in a safe, contained environment. The amenities truly make you feel like you can let your guard down and relax.

Many Disney fans have favorite parks or resorts, and the great thing about them is you know what you are getting when you visit. Things are very purposefully constructed at Walt Disney World and things rarely change. That means every time you visit you can revisit your favorite memories. Thankfully, Disney World is so expansive that you also have the opportunity to make new memories and find new favorites at every turn.

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Why Is Disney World Still a Success? Loyal Guests!

It is very easy to see why Disney is still making a net profit at Walt Disney World. Even though Guests may be cutting out other luxuries due to the pandemic, fans of the Disney parks will always make a way, if possible, to visit their favorite place.

Walt Disney World is currently operating on a reservation system as part of the ongoing health and safety measures that are currently in place at the resort. All the parks are operating at a limited capacity, and even if you have a valid park ticket, you still need to make a reservation for the specific park you want to visit. If the reservations are full for the day you wanted to visit and you were not able to obtain one, you cannot visit that park.

That means that we can see when the parks are fully reserved for each specific date through 2021, and a lot more days are fully booked up than you would think. The fully booked days genuinely do show that fans of the Disney parks will not give them up, even in the face of adversity.

I would bet that many brands wish they had the brand loyalty that the Walt Disney Company has.

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Even though Walt Disney World is offering a modified experience at their theme parks and resorts, including not having nightly fireworks, daily parades, meet and greets with characters, and more, fans are still willing to go through advanced safety measures to enjoy a day at Walt Disney World.

Even though Disneyland Resort is not fully reopened fans are still flocking to experience Downtown Disney and the soon-to-be partially reopened Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure. (Please keep in mind, at this time Disney California Adventure will not be reopening as a theme park, but instead as an expansion of Downtown Disney’s shopping and dining options.) That could be because being at Disney has made such a deeply positive impression on people that they cannot wait to get back to Disneyland and experience that magic all over again.

If this pandemic has made one thing clear, it is that loyal fans of the Disney brand will ensure that the magic is kept alive either in the parks or at home for generations to come.

So, will you be going back to a Disney resort soon? Let us know in the comments!

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