Disney Couples Enneagrams: Who Are You and Your True Love?

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Disney Couples Enneagram feature photo

Are you and your true love as adorable as your favorite Disney couples? Love is magic: a dream come true in real-life! I love that relationships are as diverse as the individuals who are part of them. Though couples are diverse, some individuals share similar personality types. If you have ever taken an Enneagram personality test, you know how those who share similar traits to you perceive life and how you may react in certain careers or relationships. If you haven’t taken an Enneagram personality test, you can take one here.

Once you know you and your boo’s Enneagram type, you should totally check out this theory by artist Ashton Brye. She posted her theory of Disney Couples Enneagrams on her Instagram account, @ashton.creates, which you can visit here. Let’s look at her idea of each couple’s Enneagram types to find your couple Disney personality – and Ashton’s fabulous artwork to go with it!

Enneagram Couples Title
Credit: Ashton Brye

Cinderella and Prince Charming Enneagram

Cinderella Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

Cinderella’s Enneagram type is Type 9: The Peacemaker. This type makes sense for such a kind, caring soul like Cinderella. Prince Charming is a Type 3: The Achiever. Well, he certainly achieves his goal of finding his love, Cinderella – as unconventional as a glass slipper fitting may be.

Ariel and Eric Enneagram

Ariel Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

The Type 4 Enneagram, The Individualist, certainly fits Ariel as well as her fins because it is the type of person who is expressive and sensitive. Eric embodies his Type 7: The Enthusiast as he is spontaneous and a bit scattered. I think this combination fits Ariel and Eric’s fun-loving, spontaneous love story! “Life is the bubbles!”

Belle and the Beast Enneagram

Belle Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

This bookworm princess knows what she wants, exemplifying her Type 5: The Investigator quite perfectly. Belle compliments the Beast’s Individualist personality with her perceptive and innovative qualities. I think this couple improves one another through their differences, completing one another in a sweet “Tale as Old as Time.”

Hercules and Meg Enneagram

Meg Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

Not every hero is royalty, but this couple may as well be! Herc and Meg are great partners-in-crime, sacrificing everything for love. Hercules definitely fits his Type 9: Peacemaker label, with Meg balancing his sweet, peaceful demeanor with her Type 8: The Challenger traits – powerful, self-confident, and willful. I won’t say I’m in love with this pairing – at least out loud (but I definitely am).

Mulan and Shang Enneagram

Mulan Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

Mulan throws herself into battle to protect her family, a trait fitting of Type 6: The Loyalist. Loyalists are committed, engaging, and anxious who keep those they love safe. Shang is a Type 1: The Reformer. Reformers hold strong idealistic beliefs, possessing these traits: purposeful, perfectionistic, and rational. Together, these two could save a country – oh wait, they did!

Tiana and Naveen Enneagram

Tiana Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

If there is a more logical personality type for Tiana, I don’t know what it is. Tiana could be on a poster for The Achiever Enneagram Type. Nothing can stop this strong woman from achieving her dreams! Naveen’s suave, smooth demeanor makes him the perfect Enthusiast Type 7. His fun-loving, spontaneous personality endears him to all, but his tendency for distraction left him in a sticky situation. Good thing Tiana was willing to help a frog out! Their relationship is #couplegoals!

Rapunzel and Flynn Enneagram

Rapunzel Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

Flynn can achieve his goals with the best of the Type 3 personalities, whether it’s popularizing a new weapon (“Frying Pans! Who knew, right?!”) or keeping Rapunzel safe. Rapunzel loyally sticks by those she loves, as a true Type 6 does. She was definitely a bit anxious, but commits to following her dream – then finding a new one with Flynn. Of the Disney princes and Disney princess characters, these two really know how to plan for after their happily ever after!

Anna and Kristoff Enneagram

Anna Enneagram
Credit: Ashton Brye

Oh, Anna. She is always showcasing her Type 2 personality, The Helper. She is caring, generous, and a little people-pleasing. Wait, what? But, hey! She normally chooses the right people to please, so this personality trait isn’t bad (Except Hans. Let’s ignore Hans.). Don’t worry though! Kristoff’s character traits balance out Anna with his loyalist personality type. His suspiciousness and security-oriented personality is exactly what Anna needs. But Kristoff needs Anna’s caring spirit just as much. After all, without her, he’s “lost in the woods.”

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Which Disney Couples Enneagrams do you and your true love match? Let us know in the comments!

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