The Ultimate Guide to Disney Villain Enneagrams

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Disney Villains

The enneagram is a nine-pointed personality model that can help you understand the motivations and reactions of everyone in your life (and your favorite fictional characters!) Just like every enneagram type aligns with a Disney princess, there’s a dark side too. This is the ultimate guide to Disney villain enneagrams!

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Type 1 – Hades

Hercules’s villain, Hades, is Type 1, “The Reformer.” Perfectionists at heart, Type 1s aim to keep everything in their worlds in perfect balance. In both mythology and in the Disney movie, Hades does everything in his power to maintain a “perfect” underworld.

At their core:

  • Type 1 core fear – Of being imbalanced or corrupt 
  • Type 1 core motivation – To maintain balance in their lives and work

Lotso Bear

Type 2 – Lotso Bear

Toy Story 3’s Lotso Bear is an enneagram Type 2. Known as “The Helper,” this type needs to feel loved and needed above all else. Lotso Bear becomes a villain when he believes he has been rejected by his child, making his core fear a reality. 

At their core:

  • Type 2 core fear – Of being unloved
  • Type 2 core motivation – To feel desired and needed


Type 3 – Gaston

Known as “The Achievers,” enneagram Type 3s stop at nothing to get exactly what they want. Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston is a classic enneagram 3, even going so far as to stage a wedding before Belle has agreed to be his bride. 

At their core:

  • Type 3 core fear – Of being worthless 
  • Type 3 core motivation – To accomplish their goals

evil queen

Type 4 – Evil Queen

The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is an enneagram Type 4. Known as “The Individualists,” this type thrives finding and preserving their own identity. Misguided though she may be, the Evil Queen’s vendetta against Snow White is motivated by her fear of another becoming “Fairest of Them All.”  

At their core:

  • Type 4 core fear – Of never having a clear identity 
  • Type 4 core motivation – To do something of significance and find themselves in the process


Type 5 – Scar

Called “The Investigators,” enneagram Type 5s have a basic need to contribute something to the world around them. When Simba is born, The Lion King’s Scar starts to disintegrate because his core fear of leading a useless existence is being realized.

At their core:

  • Type 5 core fear – Of being helpless or useless
  • Type 5 core motivation – To have competence and contribute 

Mother Gothel

Type 6 – Mother Gothel

Enneagram Type 6, “The Loyalist,” is motivated by a desire to maintain a sense of security. Mother Gothel accomplishes this by keeping Rapunzel locked in the tower, away from the world. Her core fear is realized when she loses Rapunzel’s support once and for all. 

At their core:

  • Type 6 core fear – Of having no support 
  • Type 6 core motivation – To maintain safety and security

Dr. Facilier

Type 7 – Dr. Facilier

Classified as “The Enthusiasts,” enneagram Type 7s are motivated by a desire to find contentment and satisfaction. The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier aims to fulfill his own needs by any means necessary, even finding “friends on the other side.” 

At their core:

  • Type 7 core fear – Of being deprived or in pain 
  • Type 7 core motivation – To find satisfaction and have their needs met


Type 8 – Maleficent 

Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent is an archetypal enneagram Type 8, “The Challenger.” She is motivated by a desire to control not only her own situation but the kingdom. In the end, Maleficent’s need to avoid vulnerability results in her transformation into a dragon, one of the most powerful of all mythical creatures. 

At their core:

  • Type 8 core fear – Of being harmed or controlled
  • Type 8 core motivation – To protect themselves from vulnerability


Type 9 – Hans

Hans from Frozen is an enneagram Type 9. Referred to as “The Peacemaker,” 9s are focused on finding peace of mind, just like Hans wants to achieve by becoming king. This type can also be passive aggressive and people-pleasing, just like Anna’s ex-boyfriend. 

At their core:

  • Type 9 core fear – Of impermanence and loss 
  • Type 9 core motivation – To maintain peace of mind

And there you have it, the most comprehensive guide to Disney villain enneagrams! Do you agree with your villainous counterpart?

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