The Ultimate Guide to Disney Princess Enneagrams

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disney princess enneagrams

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The enneagram is a scary-accurate personality model with nine points, each representing a different, interconnected personality type. Knowing your enneagram personality (and the psychological types of those around you) can improve your relationships with everyone from your spouse to your hairdresser. If you haven’t already, you can take a free enneagram test here.

The enneagram can also be a lot of fun! Every enneagram type has a sister princess. Find out if your favorite princess shares your deepest personality traits in this, the ultimate guide to Disney princess enneagrams.

anna and elsa
Credit: Disney

Type 1 – Elsa

Elsa is the archetypal enneagram Type 1, “The Reformer.” Although she’s not technically a princess, Elsa is a perfect match for the traits that define this personality type. A purpose-driven perfectionist, Elsa is constantly trying to improve the world around her for the better.

Key traits:

  • Always striving to reach a higher standard, but afraid of making a mistake.
  • Terrified of becoming evil or corrupt.
  • Concerned with being ethical above all else.

Type 2 – Anna

Keeping it in the family, Anna is a clear Type 2. Known as “The Helper,” enneagram 2s frequently put themselves and their own needs on the back-burner in order to help others. Anna exhibits this every time she puts her sister first.

Key traits:

  • Extremely generous, sometimes to a fault.
  • Innate desire to feel loved and needed.
  • Have the ability to love others unconditionally.
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Type 3 – Tiana

Enneagram Type 3’s are “The Achievers.” Driven and success-oriented, Type 3s like Tiana don’t suffer fools and don’t have time for frivolity. Tiana is hyper-focused on her dream of opening her restaurant and this intense motivation is typical of all Type 3 people.

Key traits:

  • Incredibly ambitious and don’t stop until they get what they want.
  • Can be considered workaholics.
  • Energetic and motivated, inspiring others around them to be better.
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Type 4 – Rapunzel

Rapunzel’s struggle to find her own identity is the core hardship for all Type 4s. These creative, dramatic types are known as “The Individualists.” Type 4s are self-aware and, at their best, can transform everyday life into an amazing experience, just like Rapunzel does in her tower.

Key traits:

  • Core desire to find who they are and create a meaningful identity.
  • Can be moody at times.
  • Desire to surround themselves with beauty in every facet of life.
Belle from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
Credit: Disney

Type 5 – Belle

Type 5s are known as “The Investigators.” Belle’s constant desire to learn more about the world around her (and penchant to get lost in her books to drown out “real life”) are hallmarks of this type. Like other enneagram Type 5s, Belle can also find herself isolated from those around her.

Key traits:

  • Visionaries who solve complex problems and are often ahead of their times.
  • Frequently prefer their own thoughts and ideas to reality.
  • Have an intense desire to possess knowledge.
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Type 6 – Mulan

Mulan is an enneagram Type 6, “The Loyalist.” Type 6s like to be ready for anything and are motivated by feelings of safety and security. One of their strengths is that they are willing to do anything for those they love, just like Mulan did when she took her father’s place.

Key traits:

  • Always responsible and prepared for every eventuality.
  • At their best, a stable, secure presence for those they love.
  • Can struggle with self-doubt and anxiety.
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Type 7 – Ariel

Type 7, “The Enthusiast,” fits Ariel to a “T”. Excitable and sometimes scattered, Type 7s are known for their enthusiasm for everything life has to offer. This type’s core fear is of being deprived, just like when Ariel is terrified that she’ll never get to experience the human world.

Key traits:

  • Extroverted and fun-loving.
  • Have an abundance of energy and love being on-the-go.
  • Often impulsive.
Source: Disney

Type 8 – Merida

Merida is the epitome of enneagram Type 8, “The Challenger.” Though this type can be willful and dominant, they are also immensely protective of those they love, just like Merida. Type 8s are driven by a desire for justice and, at their best, can illicit change for the better.

Key traits:

  • In times of stress, can become controlling and domineering.
  • Passionate about things that are important to them.
  • Always assertive and straightforward.
Pocahontas (1995)
Credit: Disney

Type 9 – Pocahontas

Known as “The Peacemaker,” Type 9s strive to avoid conflict and support others, just like Pocahontas strives to avoid discord between her own people and the English. This type has an ability to bring people together and see all sides of any situation.

Key traits:

  • Likes to create harmony.
  • Tend to minimize problems, which can lead to relationship issues.
  • Accepting and trusting.

Are your favorite Disney Princess character and your enneagram a perfect match?

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