A ‘Practically Perfect’ Accessory?’ You’ll Adore These Custom Disney Backpacks

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When it comes to fashion, Disney fans love a sweet Disney accessory. Though there are some cool backpacks and handbags from Disney directly, sometimes you want something a little unique. Fans seek out rare or handmade jewelry, purses, and backpacks that stand out in a crowd. Because seriously, who doesn’t love getting noticed in a Disney Park for having an amazing new accessory? If you are looking for a unique way to express your Disney spirit to make other Disney fans jealous, you’ll love these custom Disney backpacks from small shop owner Annie Curasi. Her shop is called Practically Perfect Crafts, and that’s exactly what her handmade products are – perfect! Her handmade backpacks catch the eyes of fashion gurus and Disney fans alike. Take a look at just a few of her designs.

Tinker Bell Backpack

You’ll feel like you can fly when you wear this Tinker Bell bag. Not only does this mini backpack have everyone’s favorite pixie, it also has the famous Walt Disney welcoming quote. And – I spy Sleeping Beauty Castle! This bag just has it all.

Happily Ever After Magic Kingdom Bag

This Disney backpack has to be one of my favorites. The benefit of custom merchandise is that you can ask for characters, shows, or references that you can’t find on store-bought merchandise. The Happily Ever After Fireworks spectacular doesn’t have a lot of official Disney products for it, so this custom bag featuring Mickey and Minnie is especially amazing for including a quote from the show.

WALL-E and Eve Backpack

If you have wanderlust, this mini backpack would look fabulous on your journeys around the world – or just your backyard. These Pixar cuties are so fun as they play in space and on this bag full of magic!

Pooh Bear Backpack

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – and in your closet! This Winnie the Pooh bag with this sentimental quote will have you aching for more handmade Disney products in your life.

Tiana Bag

Wow! I love that the color of this faux leather backpack matches the green of Tiana’s traditional dress. I’m “almost there” – that is, I’m almost ready to buy this bag!

‘Ohana Backpack

Disney guests certainly won’t want to leave this personalized backpack behind when packing for their next Disney vacation. As Lilo and Stitch practice their hula moves, you can move through life confident that you have some amazing Disney role models backing you up.

Anna Backpack

Speaking of role models, Anna graces this custom Disney backpack with style. Be strong and go toward the next right thing, like deciding which bag speaks to your heart the most!

Mandalorian Bag

Though we just learned The Child’s name, he’s had our hearts since his first appearance on screen. This Star Wars backpack displays your fandom. Plus, it would look adorable for a day at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disneyland Park.

Paperman Backpack

Ok, this one is such a deep cut and I love it! Inspired by the Disney short Paperman, this bag may lead you to your true love – or at least hold your essentials for you. Either way, this personalized backpack shows just how creative you can be with these custom designs.

Custom Disney Backpacks Cost and How to Order

So, here’s the deal. Practically Perfect Crafts has an Etsy shop where you can shop tons of handmade Disney items, the perfect gift for any Disney fan. However, these bags (and so many more!) need to be ordered through Instagram messaging at this time. The shop suggests that you scroll through their Instagram for inspiration – trust me, there are some amazing ideas – and then choose your design. You can also ask for a custom design that meets your needs. If you choose an existing design, custom Disney bags cost $89.99. If you want a new custom design with your favorite character, the bag will be $99.99. You can visit the store’s Instagram here and their Etsy shop here. You can make your customized Disney dreams come true today with Practically Perfect Crafts!

Will you be purchasing one of these custom Disney backpacks? Let us know in the comments!

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