‘Avatar 2’ Sees Kate Winslet Transform Into Free-Diving ‘Water Person’

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The original Avatar (2009) broke the mold when it came to movie technology. Director James Cameron and his team utilized virtual cameras and Simul-Cams to literally transform actors and actresses into the Na’Vi tribe who dwell in the fictional — unless you happen to be at Disney’s Animal Kingdom — World of Pandora.

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Avatar 2 (whose rumored title is Avatar: The Way of the Water) is set to release on December 16, 2022 after production was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While we wait for the movie — the first of four planned Avatar sequels — producer Jon Landau has given fans a glimpse into the incredible underwater world that is presumably going to appear in the upcoming 20th Century Pictures film.

Landau shared this amazing photo [above] of actress Kate Winslet — who most famously worked with James Cameron on Titanic (1997) — filming underwater scenes for the movie.

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Landau wrote:

Wanted to share this photo of Kate Winslet after reading her interview in The Hollywood Reporter: “I had to learn how to free-dive to play that role in Avatar, and that was just incredible. My longest breath hold was seven minutes and 14 seconds, like crazy, crazy stuff.” She stops herself, afraid that she’s given away too much on the top-secret project. “Oh no, actually, I can’t. Yeah, I play a water person. I am a water person,” is all she will offer, instead shifting to praise of Cameron.”

Few details about the Avatar 2 storyline have been released. From Avatar 2’s official IMDB page, we do know that the core cast from the first Avatar movie — Zoe Saldana (Neytiri), Sigourney Weaver (Dr. Grace Augustine), and Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) — will return.

We also, of course, can surmise that significant portions of the second movie in the franchise will take place in underwater realms of some sort.

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Are you looking forward to Avatar 2, especially after seeing this incredible photo of Kate Winslet?

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