Disney+ Debuts New Sharing Feature in Time for ‘Mandalorian’ Premiere

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disney+ sharing

Today, Disney+ has announced that subscribers will now be able to take advantage of an exciting new sharing feature.

disney+ sharing feature
Credit: Disney

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According to Disney’s official press release about the new addition to the streaming service:

Sharing your favorite Disney+ show or movie just got a lot easier.

Today, Disney+ introduced a new sharing capability on mobile that gives subscribers the ability to easily share Disney+ content with friends and family via messenger apps or out to social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and more. To share, subscribers simply tap the new “share” button found on a Disney+ title’s Details page, select the preferred medium and who they want to share with (as needed). The share button will compose a pre-populated message to accompany the share, but subscribers can overwrite it with a personal message and send away. Recipients can click on the shared link to go straight to the Disney+ title, and if already a subscriber, start watching. It’s that simple.

This is a great way to encourage all of your friends and family members to watch your favorite Disney+ series and movies, like The Mandalorian Season 2, which premieres on October 30!

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There are also a lot of other great upcoming Disney+ shows to look forward to and share. Marvel Studio’s WandaVision is still set for a 2020 premiere and The Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special is coming in December — this is great news for anyone who loves the original 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, in which fan-favorite Boba Fett was first introduced.

With Disney’s recent announcement that their streaming service will now be their primary focus, look for even more exciting Disney+ features to be rolled out in the future.

What do you think about this new ability to share your favorite Disney+ content at the touch of a button?

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