Super Nintendo World Construction Begins

in Universal Studios Hollywood

super nintendo world construction

Let’s-a-go! Super Nintendo World construction at Universal Studios Hollywood Park is finally underway.

Universal resorts have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which led to delays with the Nintendo World attraction. However, it seems the California based theme park is pushing ahead as a familiar facade has been installed that’ll get any Nintendo fan hyped.

Super Nintendo World construction shows promising signs 

super nintendo world construction

It’s been a long road for the new theme park land. The COVID 19 pandemic has caused delays on the opening of the Japanese Nintendo park in Osaka, for example.

It was then reported that construction on Universal Orlando‘s Super Nintendo World was to be indefinitely delayed despite being a major part of Universal’s Epic Universe expansion.

In light of all this, it’s reassuring to see at least one Universal Studios Theme Park get back to business and give us the Mushroom Kingdom land we Nintendo fans have dreamt of for years. Check it out:

While the image doesn’t give away too much, those hills are undeniably part of the Nintendo franchise.

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The Nintendo park is coming

super nintendo world construction

The Mario-themed park has been met with intense anticipation from both theme park and Nintendo fanatics. The Japanese park is seemingly almost ready to launch and features two prominent attractions — A Mario Kart ride (which we got a good look at last month thanks to a leaked image) and a Yoshi‘s Adventure Omnimover ride.

The former will be set in Bowser’s Castle, while the latter while give visitors a tour of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is not thought that other popular Nintendo franchises will heavily feature in the park, which may be disappointing for some.

Your Animal Crossing fix will have to be satisfied with this reconstruction of Disneyland in New Horizons. For Pokémon fans, check out this abandoned Poké Theme Park; PokéPark.

Do you think this construction update is good news for Super Nintendo World? Let us know in the comments below.

in Universal Studios Hollywood

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