Guests Evacuate Splash Mountain After Ride Vehicle Is Submerged

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Splash Mountain

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This evening, videos and images were shared to social media documenting Guests evacuating Splash Mountain after their ride vehicle became submerged with water.

In the Tweets below, you can see photos and videos documenting the submerged log at the Splash Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom.

According to Tweets, Cast Members allegedly told Guests to stay in the sinking ride vehicle, but Guests reportedly did not listen and stepped out of their log as it took on water. Note that Guests do not appear to be harmed from the incident, and they appear to have been able to safely exit the log after it took on water.

At this time, it is not known what caused the Splash Mountain ride vehicle to take on water at Magic Kingdom. Even though the Guests initially exited the log without the supervision of a Cast Member, it appears that they are safe.

Also note that while several of these Tweets were shared late this evening, they did not state at what time the incident occurred at Magic Kingdom. The theme park’s operating hours have been significantly reduced since Walt Disney World Resort reopened mid-July. These details regarding the cause of the incident and the exact time when it occurred remain unclear at the time of this article’s publication.

The following morning on Monday, August 3, the attraction reopened after a brief delay. Additionally, today Walt Disney World Resort issued a statement regarding the incident, Spectrum News reported:

The incident happened toward the end of the ride and involved five visitors, according to a Disney World spokesperson. All five visitors were able to get out of the ride vehicle safely, the spokesperson said.

The log flume ride at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort did indeed experience some downtime during an unforeseen refurbishment that led to the attraction’s water being drained for a couple of days. However, it was back up and running within the same week. 

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Earlier this year, another attraction at Magic Kingdom took on water unexpectedly mid-ride. Guests while riding the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland took to social media to document their experience after their boat suddenly began taking on water. The Guests were able to safely evacuate shortly after the indecent occurred, and thankfully, given the nature of the attraction, a Cast Member was on the boat the entire time to assist.

Disney later released a statement on the sinking Jungle Cruise boat, which you can read here.

Incidents like this remind us that even though Walt Disney World Resort is the Most Magical Place on Earth, we still have to be mindful that unforeseen circumstances can cause mishaps to occur. We are happy that Guests at Magic Kingdom remained safe after having to evacuate Splash Mountain (even if they ended up getting more soaked than they expected due to the situation).

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