Guests Accidentally Sent Backwards on EPCOT Attraction

in Walt Disney World

Living with the Land greenhouse at Epcot

Credit: Disney

In a very strange turn of events at EPCOT today, it would appear that some Guests got an entirely new perspective of Living with the Land. The attraction started taking guests backwards through the greenhouses of the popular EPCOT attraction.

Check out this video that one guest captured below:

While it would have been awesome to see this attraction in a different way, what likely happened here was the attraction getting E-stopped. During this process, the water jets that propel the attraction forwards are shut off entirely which would explain why the ride starting to move backwards.

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Here is another fan who experienced the attraction moving backwards:

Still, it’s pretty cool seeing it happen and we would consider it pretty lucky that riders got to experience the attraction in this way. It is one of the best attractions at EPCOT and its always fun to see something different happen, even if it wasn’t supposed to.

If you’d like to see a bit more of the attraction you can also try out the Behind the Seeds walking tour, something we took part in last year and would really recommend!

Behind the Seeds walking Tour
Credit: Ryan Ogilvie

Last year Living with the Land saw a bit of a makeover and we love that this classic EPCOT attraction still has so many fans after all of these years. Despite the recent changes to construction progress with the Spaceship Earth refurbishment and Mary Poppins attraction being delayed, there are still plenty of reasons to visit EPCOT during the construction work that is going on at the moment.

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