Comments for Guests Accidentally Sent Backwards on EPCOT Attraction

Living with the Land greenhouse at Epcot

Credit: Disney


  1. Bryan B

    Well how many e-tickets did that attraction cost. Even the animatronics of Disney are trying to tell us they should not be opened

  2. Paul

    I’ve been sent backwards on the rock n rollercoaster after e-stopping in the 2nd brake zone, but no one seems to believe that could happen on that ride when I tell then!

    1. cindy caine

      It should not thats rather dangerous but so is one of there stops which is in an upside down zone but that is disney for ya!

    2. sarah

      The Behind the Seeds tour is not currently running. But it is an awesome tour!

      1. Ahhh yes, of course, it isn’t, can’t wait to do the tour again when it reopens though!

    3. WOAH! That is crazy!! Must have been pretty scary at the time!

  3. Gary Ortiz

    They show a 14 second clip. They said it was 10 minutes. The ride is a boat on water not a track. It is propelled by water jets. It barley moved backward which tells you, If you’re anyone with intelligence, that the jets stopped and the boats drifted backwards. Give all the facts. Don’t spin it to fit your narrative only. Tell the truth! This isn’t news worthy. Your just trying to get your 15 minutes.

    1. NOTGary

      Wow Gary. I wonder what pill you didn’t take when you woke up this morning?

      1. Jessica

        We were on the ride when this happened. It was maybe 10 minutes at most and we barely moved (floated) backward 20 feet.

      2. richard

        He didnt take his stupid pill, like the majority of cnn viewers are probably required to.

    2. Not really sure what you thought you were adding to the conversation. Twitter videos are short by design. I think we were all capable of deducing the video wasn’t the actual amount of time it went backwards.

      The article literally mentions the air jets and the probability that boat drifted backwards. They never said anything about a track. (Narrative? What would that be, exactly?)

      Inside The Magic is already a well known website. So that 15 minutes comment is kind of nonsense. All of this was.

      1. Hey Mark, great comment, thank you for the support, much appreciated!

    3. The Twitter video doesn’t replicate the entirety of the time the attraction went backwards.

      Also, I covered clearly in the article that this was likely caused by the jets being switched off 🙂

  4. Uriel

    I can’t see the awesomeness… Wohoo! Backwards! (sarcastic) More interesting things happens in the real world.

    1. For sure, more exciting things certainly happen but for Living with the Land, this was pretty cool.

  5. Sure, it’s fun when rides slightly malfunction. But 10 minutes? Really? The duration of the ride is under 20 minutes, so for half the ride, the boat went backwards? I doubt it.

  6. Spinner Mason

    This is hardly news. Incredible journalism.

    1. This website is about Disney Theme Parks. Not news.

    2. Living with the Land goes forward and very rarely goes backwards for a prolonged period of time so we thought it would be cool to report on it!

  7. Davis

    when my fellow epcot security told me about this i felt bad but at least it wasnt something that could turn dangerous and it seemed everyone had fun with! one person said its like getting stuck in the same room on cofp or iasw in drift mode!

    1. I can imagine, I love Living with the Land but being stuck in the same area for a prolonged time period would drive me crazy!

  8. Jessica

    We were on the ride when this happened. It was maybe 10 minutes at most probably more like 5, and we barely moved (floated) backward 20 feet.

    1. Interesting, thanks for commenting Jessica!

  9. Edward

    What was the date of this fiasco, we’ve been at the parks everyday since July 20th, sadly today will be our last

  10. Sierra

    The whole ride isn’t even 10 minutes 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. Actually the ride time is around 19 minutes and 55 seconds on average 🙂

  11. franc

    Thats cool and all it went backwards but all this fussing about it is very immature

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