Experience the Eighth Wonder of the World – This Coffee Mug!

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Jungle Cruise is one of the most popular Disney Parks attractions. The ride enjoys something of a cult following and has given rise to all sorts of fan tributes and merchandise collections through the years.

Inspired by the movie The African Queen, Jungle Cruise was largely developed by Walt Disney himself and the attraction was available to Guests on Disneyland Resort’s opening day in 1955.

One of the big draws of Jungle Cruise are the Skippers, who offer a comedic spiel throughout the ride. This coffee mug by Expedition Roasters features a play on one of the script’s best one-liners: “Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the backside of water.”

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Credit: Expedition Roasters

Available here for $12.00, this tin campfire mug features the phrase “Here it is ladies & gentlemen, the backside of coffee.”

The back of the mug features the Expedition Roasters Coffee Company logo and slogan: “Brew Your Happy Place.”

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Credit: Expedition Roasters Coffee Company

The official description of this Disney Jungle Cruise coffee mug reads:

The Eighth Wonder of the World, the Backside of Coffee!

Discovered on one of our coffee explorations, you too can now witness the backside of coffee. Tin crafted mug in a perfect lightweight travel size 10oz (good for 8 fl. oz. of brewed coffee) features a flared lip for easier drinking and less spills.

Start every morning with an adventure!

  • 10oz capacity
  • Tin
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Handle with care. Even though they are tin they can still chip like a ceramic mug

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If a coffee mug alone doesn’t satiate your desire for Jungle Cruise-inspired merchandise, don’t miss these other great pieces, including Jungle Cruise tiki mugs.

This Funko POP featuring the Jungle Cruise river boat is currently still available at shopDisney.com.

You also won’t want to miss the exciting Jungle Cruise board game, which will have to tide fans of the Disneyland and Disney World ride over until Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise movie comes out in 2021.

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Will you be ordering an Expedition Roasters Jungle Cruise coffee mug? 

To plan your next trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort, contact the experts at Academy Travel. You’ll be riding Jungle Cruise at a Disney park in-person sooner than you think!

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