Two Shots of Rum for The New ‘Whittle Hippo” Tiki Mug

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How do you get a Hippo out of a tree? If you ask this question at Trader Sam’s, you’ll get a hilarious answer… TWO SHOTS OF RUM! (Followed by plenty of hippo snorts).

The newest tiki mug to swim onto the scene is the “Whittle Hippo” at Tikiland Trading Co., based off of wooden art by Jeremy Spears of the Whittle Woodshop. Cruise the Jungle while this mug is in pre-sale, which affords tiki shoppers a lower pre-sale price of $99 instead of the full value price of $165. Shipping is included for U.S. addresses, and ships this coming winter.

whittle hippo tiki mug
Credit: Tikiland Trading Co.

The “Whittle Hippo” Tiki Mug

DANGER! Look out!  If you see bubbles, proceed with CAUTION!  You never know where Francis will pop up next.  This Whittle Hippo is quite tame once filled to the top with his favorite mouth-watering river refreshments.  He’s most delighted around happy, cheerful adventurers in their colorful, lush habitats.  But be aware, if he gets thirsty, stand clear…his tusks are still quite large!

whittle hippo logo
Credit: Tikiland Trading Co.

The newest zoo animal ceramic tiki mug features matte glaze and a deep wood-grain texture similar to wood. Based off of “Francis” from Jeremy Spears’ Whittle Hippos, which were wooden-carved, resin cast, and sold in a limited edition. You can see the original Whittle Hippos (adult and child), including “Francis,” below.  The great big single-serving mug will be about 8.5 inches tall and will hold a big swallow at a planned 24 ounces. Volume and size may change slightly as the mug moves to be sculpted (the website will update with more details and full pricing, so shop with early confidence).

wooden wittle hippos by jeremy spears ad
Credit: Jeremy Spears of Whittle Woodshop

Jeremy Spears, the artist for “Whittle Hippo,” spent years helping draw and create stories and characters for many of your favorite Disney Animated films as well as working with the talented storytellers at Disney Imagineering.  Spears spends much of his free time designing and carving fun creations out in his Whittle Woodshop, where you can see much of his work!

More Goodness from TikiLand Trading Co.

Tiki Mugs by TikiLand Trading Co. are a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Tiki tOny, who has sculpted many of the mugs we’ve featured here on Inside the Magic. Most recently, we held a seance over the Madame Leota and Constance Hatchaway Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug pairing, and swooned over the cuteness of the Baby Yoda (The Child) mug, also designed by Tiki tOny.

The tiki mug process at Tikiland Trading Co. is about the art. All mug PRE-SALES are done based off of initial design concepts and drawings. Mugs become more refined as they move from concept to a full turn, then to sculpting, glazing, and production. As you can tell, this is a lengthy, in-depth process that produces only the finest collectibles! Tikiland Trading offers many examples of past sales that show the concept-to-final process on their home page.

What will you fill your Whittle Hippo with? We’re thinking the Albert AWOL Wallop! Leave us a comment below! 

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