Images Show Disney Princesses Wearing Face Masks

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In our quest for each Disney Park to reopen in this challenging time, there’s been one thing that Disney fans just can’t seem to agree on.

Wearing face masks or coverings.

The reaction to having to wear a face mask at Disney theme parks and Disney Springs has been incredibly mixed. Some Disney fans see the need, while others find face coverings to be obtrusive, particularly to children.

However, one artist has set out to normalize the wearing of cloth face masks and other face coverings with some amusing Disney art that shows our favorite Disney princesses wearing, you guessed it; face masks. Well, some of them are face masks. Some of them are a little more, err, improvised.

Artist draws Disney Princesses wearing face masks

Artist Dave Salamanca decided to inject a little bit of Disney magic into the face mask debate by imagining how each Disney Princess would wear a face covering.

Check out how beloved characters like Princess Rapunzel, Mulan, and even Jane would cover their face with a mask!

Disney princesses wearing face masks
Credit: Instagram @esteesdave

Oh man, we love these. Princess Tiana’s use of the ‘froggified’ Prince Naveen is just hilarious. I guess she didn’t have a cloth mask to hand and thought she’d put her Prince to good use! If only she’d been able to buy one of these amazing Disney face masks.

Disney princesses wearing face masks
Credit: Instagram @esteesdave

So you know those people who have been out in full body armor to avoid the virus? Yeah, that’s Princess Aurora. Can’t argue with her logic, but I’m not sure this particular face covering is doing much for this character!

Classic Princess Snow White has also taken the ‘Princess Tiana approach’ with her animal face covering. I guess medical supplies are pretty limited in the forest!

Disney Princesses rock character face masks

Disney princesses wearing face masks
Credit: Instagram @esteesdave

Oh man, I love these Disney face coverings! Here we’ve got more obscure Disney Princesses like Princess Kida from Atlantis; The Lost Empire. If we do end up getting a Disney live-action remake with Tom Holland (or Cole Sprouse!), this super cool Atlantean face mask should definitely make an appearance.

I adore the subtle cloth of Esmerelda’s face mask, while Alice’s clock is just hilarious. Not sure how effective it would be, but this Disney face mask gets top points for entertainment.

So this is what your favorite Disney character would look like wearing a face mask.¬†Shanghai Disneyland has allegedly already started to ease mask restrictions, but we’ll have to wait and see how long guests are expected to wear face coverings at Disney Springs as well as Disney theme parks worldwide.

Check out Dave’s Instagram page to see the whole collection of Disney character face mask images.

Do you like these Disney princesses wearing face masks? Which Princess‘s mask is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, Disney fans.

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