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Woman on a Carousel (Left), Disney Princes (Right)


  1. Nana

    Absolutely no face mask no matter what is on them. If you feel the need to wear one then do but do not force everyone to do it. We have already planned on cancelling our trip in August do to no meet and greets no parades or fireworks. Why should we pay full price for 1/2 a park when those are the main attractions that most people come for.

  2. EricJ

    Without the “jokes”, I just posted on this–
    Snow White uses a chipmunk and Jasmine uses a lamp, yuk yuk, but seriously, can you picture Snow making her “own” mask, Pocahontas with a Native-crafted mask, Belle with a gold-trimmed one, or a royal blue Agrabah mask for Jasmine?
    (And yes, Kida, Mulan and Esmerelda’s are all good, but seriously what’s with the bucket for Aurora? I’m…just not getting that one at all. And who’s the one just above Mega–oh, for pete’s sake, Giselle is NOT a licensed Disney Princess!)

    1. Big AW

      niether is elsa a

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