We Can’t Unsee These Bizarre Disney Characters as Real People

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Tell your eyeballs we are sorry, but you STILL HAVE TO SEE THIS. You won’t be able to unsee it. It may pose new questions, or your neurons may collide and burst. Either way, this bizarre Disney characters as real people art is pretty amazing. Or as Screenrant put it, “lowkey horrifying.”

Instagram user @halawany.m has a feed full of eye-catching, bizarre, otherwordly Disney characters (as well as other pop culture icons) imagined as real people but with full-on cartoon heads. It’s a fantastically grotesque visual to behold.

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Credit: @halawany.m on IG

PIXAR Characters as Real People Art

Egyptian artist Mohamed Halawany has quite a talented hand. Creating art since at least 2013 (or posting since then) he has caught our eye mixing 2D and 3D reality in a way that boggles the mind. Recently on his Instagram feed, he offers Disney and PIXAR characters in a way we have not yet seen. The series is called “REAL TOONS,” which is reminiscent of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Halawany features beloved characters like the Genie from Aladdin, Donald Duck of the Sensational Six, and the unequaled duo from Toy Story, Woody and Buzz.

The series started long ago with a few weightlifters (Homer, Sonic, Mario) and established a visual feel. The first post featuring Homer Simpson, now of the Disney/Fox family merger, shows a more realistic Homer Simpson working on his physical health.


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Signs of intelligent life? Buzz has you covered in a GQ purple suit sans space helmet. His look is full of conversation – and we’re sure you have plenty to say about this bizarre art form that we can’t look away from. The scale seems to be exactly what you’d expect if you saw Buzz at a cocktail party, not necessarily human, from the look of his head, but extremely real nonetheless.

We’re totally Minnie over this modern rendition of Minnie Mouse, complete with purse tote and signature dot style. But the acid wash gray denim is all too real. It’s real… and not real… and so conspicuously striking.

Donald goes dashing in a slightly misaligned peacoat and fall scarf. Daisy is sure to accept a date invitation from this plucky and dapper duck. Details down to his yellow (hands?) and watch are eerily correct. We just want to know more about what Donald has to say.

We can’t see Woody’s boots, but we’re sure there’s a snake inside. How else could you describe his forlorn look? Woody takes on everyday style in a comfy Tee and chinos. It’s exactly what we’d want our best buddy to wear.

“I’M FREE!” Genie seems to shout from this IG post. The celebration continues with the last piece from the Real Toons series with Genie’s entire body shouting in celebration. The real-scale of the human-genie hybrid is blue, just as Genie was in the first Disney Aladdin movie, but somehow the real world clothing fits his style perfectly. Loud shorts, red chucks, and accents that just fit. Genie’s neck is somewhat large, but… once again, Halawany makes it right with these Disney characters as real people.

Which of the Disney characters as real people do you love the most? Or which creeps you out? Leave us a comment below!

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