New Donald and Daisy Reversible Loungefly Mini Backpack

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Inside the Magic is no stranger to awesome bags. We loved Box Lunch’s recent exclusive bag collection dedicated to sidekicks, and with this newest release, crabby fowl everywhere can perk up. Donald and Daisy, our favorite Disney ducks, are featured on this mini backpack from Loungefly. New for the season, this Donald and Daisy Reversible Loungefly Mini Backpack is actually convertible, swapping from a shoulder bag to a backpack with just a few clips and an adjustable strap.

Donald and Daisy Reversible Loungefly Mini Backpack

Feeling quacky? The Donald and Daisy mini bag offers both embossed and applique details. Donald and classic sailor hat peek from one side of the bag and on the other, Daisy bats her lashes and fluffy pink bow. You can grab the Donald and Daisy backpack from Amazon here, or directly from Loungefly’s website here with a price point of $75.00.

donald and daisy reversible loungefly mini backpack
Credit: Loungefly
donald and daisy reversible loungefly mini backpack
Credit: Loungefly

Inside the bag, a bright blue lining with both Daisy and Donald’s faces is smoothly stitched in. You don’t think about it until you’ve lost your keys inside, but the bright lining allows all your possessions to pop out against the bright colors. The last thing we need is to lose our phone inside our bag when Instagram is calling!

inside lining featuring daisy and donald
Credit: Loungefly

While it’s not new, this classic Donald Loungefly backpack pictured below remains a fan favorite. Striking classic blue (the Pantone color of 2020) matches so much and screams Donald. A tried and true member of the fab five, Donald is a classic that’s not fading away anytime soon. Snag if for $70.00 on Loungefly’s website.

Classic Donald Mini Backpack from Loungefly
Credit: Loungefly

Matching Donald and Daisy Double Sided Wallet

To match your new reversible backpack, pick up with Donald and Daisy double-sided wallet to match. Straight from Loungefly for $40.00, this wallet features a clear driver’s license area, cardholder, change purse and a smart snap to keep everything together.

daisy and donald wallet full size
Credit: Loungefly

Ducky and Bunny Reversible Backpack

Are the Disney ducks still not enough? If you’re loving the reversible feature of these backpacks, try a more classic silhouette with a hand or shoulder bag featuring the dynamic duo from Toy Story 4. Duck and Bunny from the carnival adorn either side of this bucket style Loungefly bag. Measuring W: 16″ X H: 12″ X D: 5″, the bag goes for $72.00 on Loungefly’s website.

reversible loungefly backpack with ducky and bunny
Credit: Loungefly

Of course, you can always share your love of sidekicks and other Disney characters with this season’s newest Box Lunch Exclusive Mini Backpacks from Loungefly. The details embedded on Robin Hood, Fox & The Hound and even the Pixar bag are absolutely adorable. Not to mention these sidekicks don’t get all the attention they deserve!

Which version of Donald will you be rocking at the Parks? Leave us a comment below!

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