10 New Disney Mini Backpacks by Loungefly That Are Just Perfect

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The shopping season is in full swing, and we’ve got your back here at Inside the Magic! Box Lunch exclusives have hit the online shelves in the form of Disney Mini Backpacks from Loungefly. Including deep cuts from classic animated films to Heroic Princesses and Pixar clips, these Disney Bags made our wish lists! Which one is topping yours? Be sure to leave a comment!

Animated Deep Cuts

Figaro and Cleo befriend Jiminy Cricket in this Pinocchio Tribute from Loungefly Disney. We thought we’d never see a bunch of sidekicks from this film gracing the faux leathers of Loungefly, but we’ve got no strings on this bag!

Pinocchio Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

Ooh de lally, golly what a bag! The Loungefly Disney Robin Hood Mini Backpack Purse is great for bringing along all your Merry Men. Seriously – have you seen how much you can cram in these “mini” bags? A full water bottle, and EVERYTHING in your purse to boot!

Robin Hood Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

“Why do they call it that? If you’re gonna name a food, you should give it a name that sounds delicious… Ratatouille doesn’t sounds delicious. It sounds like Rat and pa-tootie. Ratpatootie! Which does not sound delicious.” Cook up some fashion with this Ratatouille Mini Backpack.

Ratatouille Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

Should you worry? (No.) Should you care? (YES). The Oliver and Company Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack offers a real swinging piano tag of Dodger and Oliver over top the cityscape. The inside has a cute print of Oliver, too!

Oliver and Company with swinging piano Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

The Fox and the House Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack will make sure you’re best friends forever. We teared up at the embroidery on the backside featuring the same quote. Copper and Tod are the BEST!

Fox and the Hound Copper Tod Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

This Princess Saves Herself

Loungfly’s Chibi Disney Princess “This Princess Saves Herself” Mini Backpack proves that girl power rules the day. Give yourself or the woman you love a confidence boost to remind her that she can slay any day that comes her way. Plus the animation style is super cute!

Chibi Princess Saves Herself Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

If you’re a Disney Parks Christmas ornament fan, you may recognize the slippers in the Disney Princess Heels Shoe Loungefly Mini Backpack. The heels evoke the style of the collectible shoe ornaments! Step into the new year with this bag!

Disney Princess Shoes Loungefly Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

Classic Favorites in Disney Mini Backpacks

Perhaps PIXAR is more your style? The computer-animated heroes from these movies can be found on the Pixar Mini Backpack. Featuring Wall-E, Monsters Inc, Up and Toy Story all on one bag, you can zip up in style with the Luxo ball pull tab!

Pixar Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

I wouldn’t want to live a day without my Rainbow Stripe Pooh & Friends Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack if I was a Hundred Acre Forest dweller. Peep the mugs on your favorite forest creatures on this low-key Disney bag.

Pooh and Friends Rainbow stripe Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

Reach for the sky (or that floating green ballon) on the Disney Pixar Up Inspired Backpack. With kiddo Carl and Ellie, you’re free to dream big about your adventures yet to come. The lining features a mass of balloons in bright colors and an overall print.

Up kid Carl and Ellie Loungefly Disney Mini Backpack
Credit: Box Lunch

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Mini purses by Disney Loungefly
Credit: Box Lunch

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