These Water Bottles Are The Easiest Way to Stay Hydrated At The Theme Park

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Staying hydrated is incredibly important during long days at your favorite amusement park. But with these innovative water bottles, remembering to drink water feels less like a chore and more like a luxury. And the good news? They’re going for incredible prices.

1. This Tritan Infusion Water Bottle

You’re anything but boring– so why would you settle for plain old water? Add a splash of flavor to your water every day with the Tritan Infusion Water Bottle. This easy-to-carry water bottle takes hydration to the next level, letting you infuse delicious herbs and fresh fruit flavor into your H2O. Its sleek, leak-proof design is great for portability while traveling to the office or for using right home.

Start infusing today with the Tritan Infusion Water Bottle for only $9.99.

2. The ion8 Leakproof Ionizing Water Bottle

Whether you’re planning on being gone for the entire day or just an hour, this thirst-quenching water bottle is perfect for taking with you just about anywhere. Unlike other water bottles, the ion8 Leakproof Ionizing Water Bottle only requires one hand to open it, perfect for taking a swig while on the move. The bottle features contours that fit perfectly into your hand and a slip-free sleeve for a strong grip. Staying hydrated never felt so good.

For just $19 bucks, the ion8 Leakproof Ionizing Water Bottle can be yours.

3. The Tritan Infusion Sport Water Bottle

What’s better than water? Delicious fruit infused water, of course! The Tritan Infusion Sport Water Bottle features a built-in infuser to help give your water a fresh hint of cucumber, strawberries or whatever fruit you decide to stick in there. With its handy carrying loop and incredibly sturdy build, this water bottle is ideal for trips to the amusement park or long hikes. Whether you prefer your water hot, cold or frozen, this fruit-infusing water bottle is up for the challenge.

Snag your Tritan Infusion Sport Water Bottle for just $9.99.


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