Disney Cast Members Share Their Favorite Costumes

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cast costumes

Credit: Hannah Rios

Having worked as a cast member at Walt Disney World, I know just how much pride each and every Disney employee takes in doing their job well and making magic for guests.

cast costumes
Credit: Hannah Rios

The Joy of Being a Disney Cast Member

Back when I worked in merchandising, my home location was at Pop Century Resort in Disney World. Even though I loved working there, one of the cool things about working for Disney in the parks was the ability to work in multiple locations.I picked up all kinds of shifts in different parks and resorts. From working in Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom and more — moving around made working so much more exciting! One of the coolest things about working in different locations is seeing the variety of costumes for each different role and location. Each costume has unique details that pertain to the theme of the area.

cast costumes
Credit: Hannah Rios

Cast Members Share Their Favorite Costumes

A recent reddit thread made by a Disney park employee, has gained positive reactions across the Internet for spreading a little cast member magic. This thread has been a place for current and former cast members to share their favorite costumes from all of the different locations they’ve worked. Enjoy reading through some of the things they shared below as well as some favorite costumes shared by my former cast member friends.

cast costumes
Credit: Hannah Rios

All of our favorite Disney Costumes


“I mean, I’m a little biased because I worked in Adventureland, my favorite costume I ever wore were the Adventureland pajamas!! Man they were so comfortable and breathable and soft. Hands down my favorite costume. It was just amazing!!! The pirates costume wasn’t bad, but wasn’t as breathable as the pajamas, but I kinda miss the socks I had to wear for the pirates costume, they were fun to wear!”


Kathleen Hickey

“”I loved working at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique probably more than any job I’ve ever had. I loved the fun aspect of doing hair, nails and makeup while being covered in pixie dust all day. The best thing about it was how rewarding it was. There was nothing like seeing the face of a child after being transformed into their favorite Disney prince or princess.”

cast costumes
Credit: Kathleen Hickey


“Definitely the old MuppetVision3D costume! Made me feel like I was really part of the Muppets world! Loved how unique and bright it was.”


Julie Robinson

“I loved this costume and this area because it is one of the first things you see as you come into the line for Journey (into the imagination with Figment).”

cast costumes
Credit: Julie Robinson


“The Big Thunder costume has a little pouch in front that I’d fill with popcorn, so that was definitely my favorite.”


“For my first year at the parks, the MNSSHP costume was my favorite with I worked PAC and park greeting. I got to be in the opening team for the Pirates League and that one won, it was very breezy in the heat with the giant high waisted “shorts”, and the vest wasn’t too bad, but man, great times!”
Kelly Coffey
“With Halloween being my all time favorite holiday and time of year, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party’s costume was by far my favorite costume that I got to wear during my Disney College Program!”
cast costumes
Credit: Kelly Costumes


Which of the Disney cast member costumes is your personal favorite?

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