Get A Laugh: Jungle Cruise Skippers Spiel Safari Silliness Even From Home

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Man wearing a safari outfit and a cartoon tiger

It’s not easy being apart from the magical escape of the Disney theme parks, especially for those who love to be part of these immersive escapes. Enter the creative cast of one particular beloved Disney attraction and their rather creative solution: Jungle Cruise Skippers spiel from home.

Recreating iconic and memorable scenes and blending them with famously bad puns, these creative cast members recreated the entire attraction experience, sans boat, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Combining snippets from several skippers, the entire experience comes to life in a brilliantly edited YouTube video.

Jungle Cruise Skippers spiel on boat

Easily recognized as one of the Walt Disney Company’s most popular attractions, the Jungle Cruise showcases delights, dangers and wonders of the world’s most exotic rivers. Originally, the Disneyland version intended to show guests a serious-minded trek into the jungle. However, this beloved Disney ride evolved over the years to one of the most creative and entertaining forms of Disney parks immersive entertainment. For the most part, this is due to the corny jokes shared by a crew of amazing Adventureland skippers.

One-liners, bad puns and well executed timing turned the otherwise droll narrative into a fun and, some may say, PUN-ishing world famous Jungle Cruise that it is today.

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And in today’s world, since all Disney theme park locations have been indefinitely closed due to manage the current health threat, the rivers of all of these attractions remain silent. Prevention and precautions affect even the much-anticipated Jungle Cruise movie, pushing its theatrical release to 2021.

Jungle Cruise Skippers spiel boats

To the rescue: Disney Jungle Cruise Skippers spiel from home

Just because the Jungle Cruise attraction boats remain berthed, doesn’t mean the Jungle River inspired fun has to end.

From various locations of self-exile, numerous theme park skippers, past and present, came together to keep the adventure alive! Without the help of animatronic animals, they’ve recreated several scenes of silly skipper spieling. For now, the spirit of this e-ticket ride resides in a pair of pixie-dust powered YouTube videos.

Jungle Cruise entrance sign

Within each short film, viewers will spot famous finds from the Jungle Cruise ride along the way. Amazing animals like, Indian elephants, curious gorillas, menacing crocodiles, hungry hippos (and baby hippos) and more will be spotted so keep those eyes peeled.

Guests will enjoy many more memorable events from the ride, like the backside of water, references to Indiana Jones Adventure, and even the infamous wave good bye to civilization moment. How many attraction scenes do you recognize?

Thanks to overwhelming guest delight, fan response and scores of movie offers, a sequel of sorts emerged shortly after the first version came to life. Okay, actually, the Jungle Cruise ride remained closed for the second month of stay safe at home measures, thus more boat free madness emerged.

Kilimanjaro Safari Recreation

But wait there’s more — Not to be upstaged, cast members from Disney’s Animal Kingdom took to the home (and vehicle) cameras to recreate their own virtual Harambe wildlife safari:

Showcasing talent from Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World‘s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, along with Tokyo Disneyland, all three Disney parks inspired videos underscore the tremendous talent and creativity of these clever cast members.

The dedication of the Cast Members definitely delivers an entertaining escape appreciated by Jungle Cruise and Kilimanjaro Safari fans around the globe.

Jungle Cruise Skippers spiel Ian

We have to wonder if there will be a Jingle Cruise edition? Regardless, thank you to all involved in creating this fun escape filled with laughs and memories. Kungaloosh!

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Source and images: YouTube; ITM Archives, Walt Disney World, Disneyland

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