Jungle Cruise meets Haunted Mansion in a spirited mash up

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Jungle Cruise meets Haunted Mansion

We know what happens when holidays collide, but what about when attractions collide? For example, what could go wrong when the Jungle Cruise meets Haunted Mansion?

Fortunately, nothing afterlife shattering transpired when skippers from the River Expedition Company turn their attention to New Orleans Square’s infamous ghostly retirement home. D23 was on hand to documents all the groaners from this spirited expedition.

Jungle Cruise Skippers at Haunted Mansion

We know that the Haunted Mansion is the perfect blend of silly and spooky.  It is also known that Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise started off as a “real life adventure” style attraction before it morphed into the pun filled attraction it is today. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New Orleans Square haunted house, skippers from her older sibling attraction paid the ghostly retirement a visit.

Jungle Cruise meets Haunted Mansion 50th

Brave a crash course in comedy as the Jungle Cruise Meets the Haunted Mansion

Sure, the skippers of the Jungle Cruise know how to navigate through “Niles and Niles” of the jungle, but what will they do when faced with their most chilling challenge yet? Skippers Jen and Nik are here to guide us through Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion in grave detail. As originally shown at D23 Expo 2019’s “Haunted Mansion: Celebrating 50 Years” panel, join the skippers on a tour of the ghoulish delights and spooky sights of this classic attraction. If the ghosts don’t scare you, don’t worry—their jokes definitely will! –D23

Jungle Cruise meets Haunted Mansion hearse

The three-and-a-half-minute video harbors paranormal puns, otherworldly one-liners and haunting hilarity that can only come from experienced skippers of the River Expedition Company.

Now, sit back, don’t worry about the safety bar. This spirited, yet haunting humor of this Haunted Mansion mash up makes even the ghosts groan louder. And by all means please don’t die laughing. At least without sharing this deliciously dark treat first.

Source and images: D23

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