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Jungle Cruise meets Haunted Mansion


  1. Harley

    While this is clever dl kinda stole our idea when but that was before making videos were popular but a few of us whom were mansion people that got stuck at cruise… use to at night run boats as if they were mansion ghost cruises! If you were lucky a few of us played adventures club while those of us from ny took a morbid approach and sang kumbaya (this is referencing a great joke only those who get it will get it)! So it def brings back memories and glad we arent alone in the moments!

    1. Jackie

      That was you harley??? I love j&h and i loved your mansion boat too much funnier than this video!
      I know you sadly mentioned getting sick and disney did nothing but fire you i am sorry esp bc you love wdw so much it must have hurt! Know you got a fan in me!

  2. Jackie

    Harley what happen btw are you okay now why didnt you fight back etc??? Suprised your still such a fan!

    1. Harley

      I have seen worse then the hosp walls after my time at jc! I also dont blame the company or wdw for what happen i just happen to have jealous/rude managers and i blame them not wdw. Bc i had some great managers and i am still quite close e cms there i been gone for yrs and its still family esp in ent. And ty for the compliment but these dl cms are truly talented!
      I miss j&h as well mark playing fang once in my run was more a highlight then my character.

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