Comments for Get A Laugh: Jungle Cruise Skippers Spiel Safari Silliness Even From Home


  1. Harley

    Thanks for sharing m. Gavin! There are a few of my personal friends on here and a few of my sons fav cms as well! Today was a rough day so glad to get a 🙂 even just ending it w a kungaloosh from adventures club brought bad memories (though when it PI i am an 8trax gal! And my skip boat was some classic ol school nyc )

    1. Mark

      She rewrote this already bit slow on up take huh itm? Btw harley did you get a key from 8trax heard rumor they gave out key copies last night? I heard adventures club and comedy warehouse did! Just wondering…

  2. Mark

    I didnt realize half these people still worked at these rides! Esp some of the safari drivers some of them still in costume wont even respect guests and walking back to parking lot are already cursing on phones in the presence of guests! As a past manager i was shocked their manager hasnt been like reminder when your on stage your still a cm! Crazy have things at disney become this lax?

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Yep and my is one of the safari guides whom use to be a skip hes as full of himself as ever tg its not the whole video of him! One time i had to suffer through his tour!

      1. Harley

        Strangely enough i posted first to this post extremely positive vs you negative nellies (btw i am sorry for you orange bc i think i know whom you dated hes a ladies man and doesnt like being single hopefully you got away wo a broken engagement) and mine disappeared and never posted 3rd time today and yet its all positive though heated debates could go on for days have i missed something??

      2. Harley

        Considering my original post got lost in wash i will repost (and say blame itm if it doubles up). All i said was it was good to see so many friends (most skips i know are at safaris now) these videos brightened my wkend as its been a rough one ty for the 🙂 and memories! Though my boat wasnt kungaloosh like many it was more kumbaya nyc ol school(and i was always 8trax @PI).

  3. Jackie

    For a bunch of cms that wont ever be returning to their jobs you think they have something better to do! Besides half these people i never seen working at attractions esp safaris… color me confused!

    1. Rebel orange birdrange orange bird

      Many jump around the speiling attractions bc they pay more… on that note to comment to harley it sound like you do know him and no i tg got out before hand! I also appreciated your skip cruise as a new yorker as well j&h is a staple that is well beloved and missed! I appreciated the nod it was never the same after the move to 44 and when eerie got way over their heads forget the village location its just sad but the memory still lives on and makes me make fun of my friends from NJ!

      1. Harley

        It was an easy transition before i left ny i played that character at j&h so i just took her on a trip down the river w me knew i wasnt going to get into trouble if everyone else was playing adventures club including your ex!

      2. Mark

        Whos your ex so i could be in on the joke?

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