Woman Says She Was “Electrocuted” at Universal – But the Theme Park Blames Her

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Volcano Bay Lawsuit

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A woman says she was “electrocuted” at a Universal Orlando Park last summer. Now she’s suing for thousands of dollars…but the theme Park says she’s to blame.

In a recent report by local Florida news station Spectrum News 13, April Carlino’s Orlando woman is suing Universal Orlando Resort after she was allegedly “electrocuted” at Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park over the summer.

Carlino says that she was a “business invitee” to the Volcano Bay Park on June 2, 2019, when she was “electrocuted” by a “malfunction in the defendant’s electrical system,” according to her lawsuit filed on November 19 of last year. Carlino states that Universal was negligent because the Resort knew about the malfunction and failed to maintain safety, adequately train staff, or render aid after the incident. Carlino alleges that her unspecified injuries led to “disability, disfigurement, permanent and significant scarring, mental anguish, and loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life.”

However, even though Carlino is suing Universal Orlando for over $15,000 and is requesting a jury trial, it’s unclear if her allegations stack up against Universal Orlando’s previously published statements regarding the electrocution incident.

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It is true that on June 2, 2019, Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay Water Park closed early after Guests and Team Members reported feeling “electric shocks.” It had been open for only one hour that day when a Guest reported that they weren’t feeling right. According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation report, there were multiple reports of “possible electrocution,” and people had felt “tingling sensations in their legs,” according to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation report.

However, OSHA declined to cite Universal after the incident, saying that the Resort was unaware of the electrical problem. Even though five lifeguards were taken to the hospital and several Guests complained that day, no serious injuries were reported. A Universal spokesperson said that the Park had tested its electrical system and made the required repairs and modifications in the days after the incident. They believe that the problem had been resolved and the Park was safe from that time onward.

And according to the local Florida news outlet WESH, Universal is blaming Carlino. Universal responded to the lawsuit saying that Carlino hadn’t used “reasonable care for her own safety” when her alleged injuries. The Park also noted that, unlike what Carlino claims, they had no duty to warn people about any dangers of electrocution since they did not know about the electrical problems. But Universal’s response also did not say how Carlino was supposed to have known she would be shocked.

We will continue to update Inside the Magic as more news is released regarding this lawsuit filed against Universal Orlando. If you ever experience any issues or concerns while at a Universal theme Park, contact a Team Member as soon as possible.

Source: Spectrum News, WESH

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