Universal Orlando breathes sigh of relief after Volcano Bay electric shock incident

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Volcano Bay Lawsuit

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Universal Orlando must be feeling pretty relieved right about now. The resort’s Volcano Bay water park guests and lifeguards reported feeling electric shocks earlier this summer, leaving many confused about the condition of the park. But after an OHSA investigation, the resort won’t be fined.

Guests began reporting the feeling of electric shocks not long after the Volcano Bay water park opened for the day on June 2. Some said it felt like zapping, others say they felt an electric current that felt almost like bee stings all over their legs. Lifeguards even experience the shocks themselves. The water park closed early on June 2. The Orlando Fire Department was also on the scene that day.

Days later, Universal Orlando released a statement that confirmed the issue was electrical.

“We have spent the hours and day since Sunday testing and re-testing our electrical system across the entire park,” said Universal spokesperson Tom Schroder this summer. “We have made repairs and modifications to our electrical system.”

Below is the full statement that Universal Orlando issued shortly after the electric shock incident occurred at Volcano Bay this summer:

Universal's statement on Volcano Bay
Credit: Universal Orlando

But given the number of individuals who felt these electric shocks this summer — several of whom were transported to the hospital as a precaution — OHSA launched an investigation into the water park’s conditions. But the federal agency released the findings of its investigation this week, and according to the report, Universal Orlando Resort will not be fined for the incident because the resort was unaware of the problem.

OHSA confirmed in the investigation that the cause of the issue was just as Universal said: damage to electrical wiring that had occurred during construction of the water park, which officially opened to the public back in May 2017.

There have not been any other reports of electric shocks felt by Volcano Bay water park guests or Universal Orlando Resort team members.

What do you think of OHSA’s investigation: should Universal Orlando Resort be cited after the electrical shock incident, or are they not to blame since they were unaware of the incident? Let us know your take in the comments.

Source: Spectrum News

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