Universal Orlando guests report being ‘zapped’ at Volcano Bay water park

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Universal's Volcano Bay

Credit: Universal Orlando

After the water park reported experiencing some “technical difficulties” on Sunday, it seems guests to Universal’s Volcano Bay have now said that they were “zapped” while visiting the Universal property.

Sarah Carlino of Boston and her two sisters walked at Volcano Bay when her siblings both unexpectedly reacted in pain. They both felt like they were “zapped on their feet,” Carlino said to Orlando Sentinel.

The water park closed early on Sunday after experiencing “technical issues.” Tom Schroder, a Universal spokesman said in a statement that these issues caused a small group of employees from the Universal Orlando water park to be hospitalized the same day as a cautionary measure.

Universal's Volcano Bay
Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato

Three people were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center and one to Dr. Phillips Hospital after the Orlando Fire Department responded at 4:44 p.m. Sunday, said Ashley Papagni, the fire department’s public information officer.

Schroder added that the employees were later released from the hospital.

The theme park didn’t say what exactly the “technical issues” entailed.

When asked Monday, Universal Orlando declined to provide details of what happened or say what changes have been made to fix these “technical issues.”

Universal's Volcano Bay
Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato

According to the account of a Universal Lifeguard, who declined to use her name in fear of losing her job, she said she had been told there was a wiring short at the Krakatau Aqua Coaster.

“We were telling our supervisor our legs are going numb, we can feel things radiating through our bodies,” the lifeguard said to Orlando Sentinel, describing how she felt Sunday afternoon.

Regardless of her pain, the lifeguard stayed in the water anyways. “Everybody knows if you leave your post, it’s grounds for termination,” the lifeguard said.

The water park has since been in normal operation as of Monday, June 4.

This isn’t the first time Universal Orlando ran into difficulties this year with one of their theme parks. Earlier this year, an 11-year-old Brazilian boy on vacation at Universal Studios Florida had his foot and leg crushed while riding the E.T. attraction.

Edmund Normand, the Orlando-based lawyer for Tiago Perez, stated that it appeared that Perez’s left foot became stuck between the ride vehicle and a cement offloading area at the end of the ride.

E.T. attraction
Credit: Universal Orlando

In the incident, Tiago’s foot was crushed, breaking multiple bones in his toes, foot, and leg in what Normand described as a bloody scene.

According to Normand, Tiago wasn’t doing anything wrong while riding the attraction –“He was just being a normal kid, a normal rider.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel, WOFL-FOX 35

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