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  1. Susan Emerick

    Universal,, you are still responsible, it is your responsibility to put safeguards in place.. WOW. Shame on you,, you are lucky no one was killed,, pay up, put the necessary safety measures in place and move on.. REALLY you want me to bring my Family to your water park and you blame visitors that are shocked because you did not have safety measures,, or even an inspection before allowing people to use your WATER park. Nope.. pay up.. Shame on You

    1. Todd

      If this women got Electrocuted she would not be suing Universal she would be dead.

    2. Todd A

      READ the article. Every single thing you said ‘they’ needed to do was done. It’s there, give it a shot.

  2. Todd

    If this women got Electrocuted she would not be suing Universal she would be dead.

    1. tampaangelgirl

      Universal loves getting out of lawsuits. If it was me I would have settled and kept this out of the public. Have you ever read the back of your theme park ticket? It says by purchasing you agree that they are not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage that you may have at the parks.

      1. Aaron Fordham

        Just because they write it on the back of the ticket, doesn’t mean it holds up in court. There are certain rights you have that you can’t sign/waive away. If I signed something saying it was okay to kill me on purpose, it doesn’t mean that courts will recognize it. Someone will still be going to jail.

      2. Debra

        It says not responsible for damage that means personal items not your body so yes at the lady suffers damages they should be responsible

  3. Todd

    If this women got Electrocuted she would not be suing Universal, she would be dead.

    1. ToddShnidt

      Todd you can get electrocuted and not be dead. I have been electrocuted numerous times and I am here commenting to you. I love Universal but have noticed over the years they do seem to wiggle out of every lawsuit. It scares me because I have had incidents at the parks and if someone is actually “permanently scarred” they should pay up. They make money. She isn’t asking for millions of dollars. This happened to many people that day. They should be relieved only one person allegedly got hurt.

      1. Todd A

        You have been shocked. Thats why they used “s in the article. I was there that week with my family. Honest to God……fwiw . They had the lazy river closed, all other rides/attractions were operating. I am not an electrician BUT I have been shocked and I have been to a ton of water parks. IF there was any sort of danger, the lifeguards)workers would be the first to have an issue since hey are in the damn water all the time. I don’t doubt or necessarily disbelieve that hei woman received a shock or a tingle but she wasn’t electrocuted to the point of needing hospitalization or even medical attention. She is lying and the ridiculously low amount is the proof. If I had stubbed my toe I’d want more than $15k.

        1. Toto

          Hey Todd, sounds like you are one of those people who are definitely out there just Looking for a easy way out and not work for a living. Lazy, want everyone else to hand you your life. Get real. Shut the hell up and go to work like most Americans do.

  4. Ron K.

    The verbiage use in this article for the sake of hyperbole is absolutely appalling. The term “electrocuted” means death by electrical shock. This woman obviously didn’t die. Furthermore the article states that 5 employees were taken to the hospital. Anyone with injuries as severe as this woman’s would have needed immediate medical attention yet no guest were taken to a hospital. Did she even report her injury? For that matter was she even in the park that day… She claims to have been a business invitee, sounds to me like she can’t even prove she had a ticket.
    Between the exaggerated wording and the loopholes in her story I find any of it had to believe. I do hope she has a speedy recovery from whatever her illness or injury.

    1. Mark

      Actually many have had similar instances and uni did the right thing and closed the park and helped out not a huge fan of uni since they been on the slide but they did the right thing! I think shes using the wrong pharsing but you can get a buzz and shocked without dying!
      My friend did bc there is an elertic socket very close to uni lazy rucer abd the wiring must be grounded very close which is a dumb move on uni part and my friend got shocked by it and he was helped right a way bc of all the incidents osha and the fire dept have been on em like crazy not just for the guests but their cast as well bc they world in same environment!

  5. Deanna

    I’m surprised universal is even fighting this. 15k to them is pennies…but it does discourage others from frivolous suits. I wonder what her “permanent” scarring and injuries are?

    1. Aaron Fordham

      There’s this public statement, which will be them fighting it. Then they’ll offer a settlement, my guess is about $5-$7k in a few weeks or months with a non-disclosure and possibly a trespass agreement to go with it.

  6. Jim


    I fixed if for you

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