Universal settles lawsuit over 3-year-old injured at a Jurassic Park attraction

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Discovery Center

Credit: Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando just settled a lawsuit from 2014 that involved a 3-year-old girl who was struck in the jaw by a retractable arm at a Jurassic Park attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The girl, who was identified as “L.M.,” was reportedly standing next to the machine at the Jurassic Park attraction when the incident occurred. The retractable arm is said to be used to deposit fake dinosaur eggs at the Discover Center’s nursery scanner attraction. At the time of the incident, the girl gathered around the hands-on exhibit to watch dinosaur eggs hatch when the arm retracted and she was struck, injuring her.

Discovery Center
Credit: Universal Orlando

The lawsuit was dismissed after the child’s parents had sued Universal Orlando for more than $15,000 in Orange Circuit Court in 2014. As per the terms of the recent settlement, they remain confidential. Additionally, the lawsuit does not contain any details on the injuries the child suffered as a result of the accident. At this time, Universal Orlando has not responded to the Orlando Sentinel’s request for comment.

This isn’t the first lawsuit Universal Orlando has faced on account of a park guest being injured at one of the company’s attractions. Earlier this year, a Universal Orlando park guest sued the company after the 11-year-old boy’s foot was crushed while riding E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida.

According to Edmund Normand, the Orlando-based lawyer for Tiago Perez (the boy who suffered the injury), said it appeared that Perez’s left foot became stuck between the ride vehicle and a cement offloading area at the end of the ride. In the incident, Tiago’s foot was crushed, breaking multiple bones in his toes, foot and leg in what Normand described as a bloody scene.

According to Normand, Tiago wasn’t doing anything wrong while riding the attraction –“He was just being a normal kid, a normal rider.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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