Did “Mandalorian” episode 5 prove that the Sarlacc pit is survivable?

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The latest episode of The Mandalorian had the baby-saving bounty hunter and his force-wielding mini-Yoda traveling to Tatooine, and that wasn’t the only nod to the Skywalker Saga in Chapter 5, titled, “The Gunslinger.”

In the latest episode of Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian, we are introduced to a mechanic named Peli Motto who runs docking bay 35, a nod to docking bay 94 in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. A crew of pit droids like the ones we first see in The Phantom Menace are there to help the mechanic with anything he needs. Before meeting the mechanic, Mando and Baby Yoda make an emergency pit stop at Mos Eisley–the same Mos Eisley where we first met the legendary Han Solo in 1977’s (now-titled) Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.

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The 5th installment of Season One of The Mandalorian continues with viewers meeting an amateur bounty hunter named Toro Calican who wants desperately to find his place within the Guild. Mando teams up with the greenhorn Calican in pursuit of a mercenary named Fennec Shand, played by Ming-Na Wen. (The swoop bikes on which they ride through the Dune Sea are pretty sweet, and the rendering of the film is impeccable.)

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Then we see Mando and Calican negotiating with Tusken Raiders–another nod to the original Star Wars. They then fall into a trap and spend the night keeping watch as they know that Shand is hunting them. The real “gunslinging” happens when Calican and Shand are left alone and Calican proves he’s a double-crosser. Calican shoots Shand and then rushes to wait for Mando in the hangar. And he has Baby Yoda in his arms.

mandalorian shand
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The last 30 seconds or so of the episode had some fans cheering and others in orbit as a figure walks up to the place where Shand’s body still lay. The figure isn’t Mando–the boots look very different from his. In fact, the boots worn by the figure have some Star Wars fans thinking it’s none other than Boba Fett, fresh from the Sarlacc pit. Some fans compare the sound of the figure walking to the sounds Boba Fett makes when walking in The Empire Strikes Back.

boba fett
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Time will tell whether the mysterious figure is indeed Boba Fett, or if it is Carl Weathers’ character Greef Karga who wears a long cape/duster and is presumably still hot on Mando’s trail.

Do you think the figure could be Boba Fett and if so, what could that mean for the storyline of The Mandalorian? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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