Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher in an upcoming Disney+ show?

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jon bernthal as the punisher

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

When The Punisher was canceled on Netflix it certainly hit hardest out of all of the Marvel cancellations on the platform.

Jon Bernthal was a perfect rendition of one of Marvel’s darkest characters and it was really refreshing to see Netflix and Disney allow the direction of the show to take a dark path and allow the character to be portrayed in a way that we see in the comics.

There have been so many rumors involving all the Netflix Marvel shows since the cancellations and this next rumor still must be taken with a pinch of salt. It does appear more likely than the ones we have seen before…

The Punisher - Netflix
Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Sources at Marvel are apparently thinking about how The Punisher can return in the Disney+ series, Moon Knight. Now while that sounds a bit wild, it would make a lot of sense given the darker tones of Moon Knight and Disney finding a suitable way to bring back the character without first committing to a show or movie.

We’re still doubtful that Disney is likely to sign off on something as dark as The Punisher was on Netflix but we are holding out hope that any return of the character will retain the dark and violent origins of his character.

Other rumors suggest a Disney+ film and even a dedicated Punisher show which we’d also be on board with providing they do the character justice and allow the team to follow a similar direction as the Netflix show. If these rumors are true then Frank Castle would be joining other Marvel heroes and villains on Disney+ including Loki, WandaVision and She-Hulk.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Either way, it’s positive that a return of the beloved character is at least being discussed at Marvel, now can we also chat about the return of Charlie Cox in Daredevil as Peter Parker’s attorney in the next Spidey MCU movie because that would just be perfect.

Are you in agreement that Jon Bernthal needs to come back as The Punisher? Let us know in the comments below!

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