Comments for Is Jon Bernthal returning as The Punisher in an upcoming Disney+ show?

jon bernthal as the punisher

Credit: Marvel/Netflix


  1. Diana

    Jon bernthal as the punisher has been the best thing to ever happen. His acting and commitment to his character is amazing! I was crushed when i found out it was cancelled. Hoping and praying for a comeback!!

    1. James Barbee

      I agree that given that Jones bernthal has done many different characters in his career this is one of his most defining characters of his career and been able to bring Justice to the character and series

  2. James Barbee

    I honestly think that John Bernthal should come back as The Punisher whether it’s Netflix Disney Plus or even a movie he has done the character much Justice For The Punisher series character and franchise

  3. Leon

    Jon Bernthal clearly studied and dug into the character. His subtext was great. Showed lots of energy in the character.

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