Disney is being sued for ‘Frozen 2’ slogan ‘Trust Your Journey’

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Frozen 2

Credit: Disney

There has been a new report that Disney is now being sued for its recent Frozen 2 slogan, “Trust Your Journey”.

According to TMZ, who received new legal documents to back this up, a Nevada-based company which formed as a personal fight and victory over breast cancer, is now suing the Walt Disney Company as it claims Disney illegally stole its slogan, “Trust Your Journey,” and is now using it on Frozen 2 merchandise.

Frozen 2 Trust Your Journey
Credit: TMZ

If you saw the highly anticipated sequel, you know that this is basically both Anna and Elsa’s theme throughout the film. And now the new lawsuit is claiming that “Trust Your Journey” has been placed on several t-shirts, posters, jewelry, pins and other merchandise by Disney, even though the company’s trademark is on the phrase.

The Nevada company, Trust Your Journey, says it has been using the slogan since 2007 (at the very least) and already placed the phrase on plenty of its own merchandise, including clothing, mugs, and jewelry.

Frozen 2 Trust Your Journey
Credit: shopDisney

The company is also saying that their items are currently being sold at gift shops as well as through both QVC and Cracker Barrel.

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