Baby Thanos Concept Art for Avengers 4 is what Nightmares are Made of

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Baby Thanos

Credit: Ian Joyner Concept Artist/Creature Designer/Illustrator working in film/games.

All things in baby-form are cute, right? Wrong. Baby Yoda might be the cutest thing on the internet. And Baby Groot sure made our tree-hugging hearts flutter. But this Baby Thanos Concept art debunks that general statement with one quick look.

Baby Yoda Groot Thanos

Massive productions like the Avengers films have teams of incredibly talented artists working on concepts and storylines that are often entertained, but ultimately end up on the cutting room floor. That is the case with this Baby Thanos concept art. Originally imagined for Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the backstory for the ghastly supervillain was eventually scrapped.

According to Movie Web, “the original idea was to explore even more of Thanos’ backstory. In the end, the Russo Brothers decided against the idea noting it wasn’t “necessary for the movie.” The directing duo also revealed that there was a lot of heartbreak in the villain’s childhood years, which could have been interesting to explore.”

It’s an amazing feat what the Russo Brothers, along with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely accomplished with these epic films. Heavy on big leads, and plenty of intertangled storylines, they still managed to give audiences stories that we could all follow, along with closure for most, if not all, our beloved characters.

Even though we left the theater fairly satisfied, albeit with puffy, red eyes after the gut-wrenching Avengers: Endgame finale, fan theories will always be around to entertain us beyond the movies! How can we forget this wild stretch fan-theory comparing Thanos to Santa Claus?

Like with Baby Thanos, some storylines and theories, fan-imagined or legitimate, are better left uncharted. But leave it to the internet to amuse us with things we never knew we didn’t need!

Proceed with caution. More Baby Thanos concept images are ahead. We can never unsee this!

Ian Joyner, Concept Artist, Creature Designer, Illustrator working in film and games, shared this on his Instagram account:

“Happy #thanosgiving everyone!Here’s a cute(ish) take on the future mad titan! Thanks again to @ryan_meinerding_art for letting me explore this take on him!”

Ryan Meinerding, Character Designer, Concept Artist, and Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development gave us this gem!

“Thanos age progression! This was done when we were going to show more of his backstory in the film. The ages are meant to be how old the audience would see him, not how old he actually is. So much fun working on this guy for the Russo Brothers! #thanos”


And because you thought you might need one more from Ian Joyner:

“Just saw that this became a meme and I feel I have really accomplished something with my life. Watch out baby Yoda, here comes Baby #Thanos! Did a few passes on what our favorite purple space maniac would look like as a wee Bebe. Although this scene did not make the final cut of the film it was a total blast to work on it. The Art of Avengers: Endgame is out now, full of concepts both used and unused from the film! As always a total honor to be a small part of it.”

There’s only one thing left to say…

Save us, Baby Yoda! You are our only hope!

Source: Movie Web

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